Strain Type | Apollo 13, Sativa

Apollo 13

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Strain Name: Apollo 13

Grade: A

Type: Sativa (Organic Grow)

Looks: Dark green leaves wrap the super dense buds. Tons of crystals like it was rolled in sugar. Has a very small amount of light orange hairs – the buds almost look yellow. (8/10)

Smell: Very unique smell! When the jar is cracked it smells similar to the way the vortex strain tastes. Best way to describe the smell is a fresh spicey earthy smell with a hint of sweet whiskey and tea. When it’s broken up it has the same twang that vortex has; which is a spicy skunky, pungent smell. (9/10)

Taste: Spicy, earthy, tea like taste. Hard to describe, but it tastes yummy! Leaves a skunky aftertaste. It tastes very similar to strain vortex!  (10/10)

Effects: Day and night time use.  Zooted but still able to get stuff done without being locked on to the couch. Good for tedious tasks or for creative inspirations. (9/10)

Potency: Strong (8/10)

Reviewed By: Volcanobis

Good Strain For: Energy, motivation, creative thoughts and getting tasks done with a clear head.

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4 Responses to “Apollo 13”

  1. blazinasian says:

    One of my all time favorites, not a whole lot of highs compare

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  2. Ap master #269 says:

    My personal favorite been growing the strand three years now nothing quite like it yields are huge plants thrive and my patients love it

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  3. MohawkMedical says:

    The hardest hitting, longest lasting bud I’ve ever smoked. It’s my favorite. And whenever I share it, it becomes almost everybody else’s #1 also. Iit has such anazing

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  4. Erin says:

    To me, it tasted somewhat lemony… Like a Lemon Chill (if you remember those) with the additional spicy/earthy taste you mentioned. LOVE this strain, it’s a favorite!

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