Strain Type | Alaskan Thunderfuck, Sativa

Alaskan Thunderfuck

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alaskan thunderfuck

Strain Name: Alaskan Thunderfuck

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid Sativa/Indica

Looks: Very crystally, couldn’t be more white than it looks with various spots of bright orange hairs.

Smell: Has a very diesel scent to it also a very strong skunk and catpiss smell.

Taste: The flavor could’t be any better, A very strong orange/banana taste with a spicy after taste.

Effects: One of the best strains to be known. Works great for any kind of pain, and gives you an immediate high. Mostly used for patients with no appetite’s, this strain will starve you in the comedown.

Potency: 8 out of 10

Reviewed by: piffcakes420

Good Strain For: Appetite’s and chronic pain

alaskan thunderfuck

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16 Responses to “Alaskan Thunderfuck”

  1. Louis says:

    The Alaskan Thunderfuck is a wonderful herb… it certainly lives up to all of the excellent medicinal reviews that I’ve read – keep up the good work. Lou

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  2. cher says:

    I cant wait to try it.

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  3. djherbyherb says:

    best shit i ever had just so thick its the best i love it

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  4. nessa says:

    My favorite herb. <3 love it. Helps relieve depression.

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  5. JohnnyB.Good says:

    I want to smoke this strain ! can anyone get seeds from this plant? but i dont mean bitchy seads from a shop!i want the seeds from a real grow that invests his time in growing?

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  6. Randy says:

    I just got busted because of its smell last night, luckily I wasn’t searched. I had a little over a gram still left from earlier that day.

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    LeeinSC Reply:

    How did you get “busted” and not searched? What state are you in, and what did you get “busted” with if you still had a gram? I’m not trying to be a jackass, I just didn’t quite understand your post.

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  7. tip says:

    I need a gud connect n Florida who can get dea hands on dyz

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  8. BRIAN says:


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  9. Aiii! says:

    it’s the same as Haze! very nice indeed :)

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  10. Justin says:

    Nothing you just said is true. I’ve got seed. Been working with it for ten years. The conditions in California are more favorable than the short growing season up north.

    Get the facts

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  11. jdub says:

    this is an amazing strain of pot!! i love it! top 3 forsure!! ive never had a high as strong as this before. i dont know if the guy who grew it was a fucking growing master or this stuff is just that good.. taste bold and skunky kind of earthy. but its soo smooth. everytime this is at the dispensary i have to scoop up as much as possible 11/10 for sure!!

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  12. NorCalHeavyHitta says:

    I love this strain…I havent had it since 96….I still remember the skunk smell that you couldnt cover up, lol! you could smell it for miles.

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    djicee Reply:

    hahaha yupp my grandma was over for afew days while i had this and she kept saying she could smell those black and white animals…haha

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  13. Bill says:

    Isent this strain gone?

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    djicee Reply:

    no just had some my favorite i give it a 50 out of 10

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