Strain Type | Agent Orange, Sativa

Agent Orange

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Strain Name: Agent Orange

Grade: Michigan Medical A

Type: hybrid sativa/indica mix

Looks: crystals on fluffy spicey flowers with nice orange hairs

Smell: spicy fuel/cheese stinky not skunky

Taste: spicey sweet very tasty

Effects: a trippy mixed high body and mind slightly up high

Potency: one hit potent powerful euphoric dizzy 2.5+ hours

Reviewed by: hottpotat0

Good Strain For: good daytime use or fun campfire weed

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13 Responses to “Agent Orange”

  1. med stars says:

    We got some Agent Orange in Detroit Mi.

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  2. djstatykishomo says:

    look up the mmj strain Agent Orange…dif. pheno is one thing, no it is supposed to smell like oranges.

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  3. Djstatyk says:

    No it smells like paint thinner or fuel, dude up top is right. This description is on point. Deft. A treat its beautiful. <3

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  4. D says:

    This stuff is super powerful, it really knocks me out with couch lock and my eyes rolling back into my head. Of course, it depends on how much you use. it usually helps me with my migraines quite a bit.

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  5. Mike says:

    Love Agent Orange. Haven’t seen in any of the local dispensaries lately. Wondering if anyone know one in the sacramento area that has Agent Orange

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  6. black metal mikey says:

    it the kind

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  7. stoned4life says:

    smoke it all day love agent orange..when its around i get a o

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  8. nakyla says:

    hey omg im skoking this right now like 5 minutes ago now im brekain up more but its like im looking at a picture and then look at me weed and its the samme!:)

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    eric Reply:


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  9. DramaQueen says:

    The Agent Orange I have smoked is yea Citrus Like Fresh Squeezed Clementine.

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  10. adam says:

    that is not agent orange if it smelled like fuel – agent orange has a VERY citrus-y smell – dank looking buds tho!

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    Djstatyk Reply:

    No it deft smelled like fuel even like paint from a body shop. Orange hand cleaner also the pumice kind :)

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    Djstatyk Reply:

    Hence the name agent orange. Chemically as fuck

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