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Acapulco Gold (AG)

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Acapulco Gold

Strain Name: Acapulco Gold (AG)

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid Indica Dominant

Looks: Very nice to the eye, Pale green with a hue of yellow , Orange hairs both light and dark are present, looks like a orange and gold nugget, with patchy crystals (the pic dose it no justice)

Smell: Very mild as a whole nugget with hints of saffron and butter scotch. Once you break the bud up though the smell of burnt toffee becomes dominant.

Taste: Wow can we say spicy, this bud has a tone of spice to it with nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger being the strongest. Very smooth the taste of nutmeg stays with you for a few moments.

Effects: Are very nice and immediate, you get very relaxed, and a little heavy eyed, (not for the rooks)I found that I did not feel a lot of pain I also feel this is great for spasm, and any one who needs to get some sleep.

Potency: 2 to 2.5

Area: MI (Import C.A.)

Reviewed by: Antimatter

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22 Responses to “Acapulco Gold (AG)”

  1. grass valley says:

    this strain is a hardy fucking plant but it is definiatley not a good outdoor strain for northern cali.its october 25 and its only 4 weeks into flower. it wont be done until end of november if it finishes. i green housed it but still i dought it will finish. just my experiment. atleast i just harvested 5 lbs of lsd. Happy tokin

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  2. rashweed walleyes says:


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  3. Mernahuana says:

    just started growing this strain it’s awesome. seeds from Barney’s Farm.

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  4. rashweed walleyes says:

    i smoked this in the 70s… had it in az . this aint it. what i smoked for years wasnt all red and pretty. it was gold , lotsa seeds. excellent stuff. wish i could get some seeds ? anyone?

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  5. Sativafan says:

    Would not call this an A+…. still a great sativa!!!! I have always been a fan of true landrace bud… from AG to panama red( by the way wheres its review?) or lambsbread(breath)…. and my all time favorite maui wowie!!!

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  6. KennyRolandDetroit says:

    Im just turning an Alcopoco gold Plant Picked up the clone in town at the local Dispencery from a cat that had seeds from the 70’s Ive veged it for over 2 months under a 600wattHPS its SO ready to Flower the thing indoors got to be over 4ft tall and 3and a half feet wide Just started 12/12 yesterday 8 months later well see how much bigger it will get????

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  7. dr greene says:

    AG batch last year ranked as one of the best medicines in my time. Strain deserves to be more widely available and its genetics to be revered.

    Stuff was shimmering gold all over, challenged to find any green whatever. Golden/blonde/gold-brown shaggy hair. SUPER fluffy and airy. Nugs were stuck together enough to require manicuring with scissors, AND it put to shame both grinders. At one point, I recall compressing an ounce in plastic, rolling it into a ball, and having it glued stiff to the tare.

    Strangely, the smell was just regular ol’ dope. Taste notes were spicy, peppery, nutmeg, maybe even cayenne. Vapors seemed kind of harsh. Should I use lower temp than usual for her? Perhaps related to the hot n spicy flavor, too.

    Effects were very friendly, happy, and social. 100% head, and good for it. Impossible to resist feeling blissful, not good for objectivity, “happy stoner.” My only complaint–and it is minor–is the duration 1-2hrs.

    9.5 / 10 ….. legendary strain, requires expertise in cultivating to do it justice. Imported from CO last spring/summer, pro-grow

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  8. Weed411 says:

    This shit made me feel great until time for coming down. I fell fast asleep after a few hours. Im pretty new to this review shit, so I’m in CO and Ive heard that we get a lot of great stuff over here, but when I think about it, what’s the difference? When I smoke i notice a difference in bud, but are there really 100’s of strains and blends and shit. This really blows my mind. Im a woman and think the sativa’s mellow me out rather than speed me up. Ive noticed that with other women. Is there a possible difference in the effects between men and women? Oh,and yes, i smoked this just a few min….

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  9. HighCrow says:

    I always manage to have some Acapulco Gold just in-case for those Rainy Days. Manages to get me through the entire day. This is a Cali Classic if you ask me :)

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  10. Brock says:

    Got a 30 sac of this shit in san diego let me tell you this thing will have you hungry and glued to the couch

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    PJ Rafter Reply:

    Whatever you got wasn’t AG ─ the real thing is a cerebral sativa without *any* couchlock effect whatever!

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  11. Where can I find this in Detroit?
    Stay Blazed!

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  12. david says:

    This is the problem with reviews like this, anybody can review, even those that do not know what they are talking about. Real Acapulco Gold, is and will always be a pure Sativa, or it is not really Alapulco Gold.

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    mitch pawsey Reply:

    i agree with david i been smokin sinse 1974 real AG hasent been around for years good for its time, very golden color, lots of seeds nice old school taste. like David says the strain in your entry aint the real deal

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    steve-o Reply:

    Right, real AG had a lot of seeds and was really expando. Havent had any weed since that was that much expando. probobly the best weed ever. Well that and true panama red right?

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    PERK1 Reply:

    they got the original from the **clone** So, at *attitude seed bank* I am pretty sure that it would be the one that you speak of.
    i have always loved sativa’s. I use a toke or five in the morning and then at night a couple of tokes of *girl scout cookies* and my days are going much better. I am not haveing to take three 30mg morphine daily(I have it down to one and one half), I do not have to take three of the xanax 1mg or the 7.5 loritab(breakthru pain when I am a having *one of those days”)

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    PJ Rafter Reply:

    I grew AG many years ago ─ a smallish slim-leaved plant with a conical shape it flowered profusely!
    Pistils were large and very white, as if it had snowed, and some way into flower the pistils became a very pretty golden colour . . .
    The aroma was musky, complex and mysterious and the high practically instantaneous!
    It didn’t have the large trichomes of skunk hybrids but what there was smelled delicious!
    A feature of the high was a sudden dizzying feeling of one’s head flying off one’s shoulders!
    This effect hit my wife and I simultaneously so that we cried out “whoops” in unison!
    I’ve learned to dislike the penetrating odour of afghani polluted sativas . . .

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  13. matt mernagh says:

    excellent review. big fan of this marijuana strain. have a fantastic weedy day.

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    dub Reply:

    I have access to crosses with AG might be able to help. if interested in the if u are interested.

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    PERK1 Reply:

    i hope you had a wonderfull christmas…you may wish to go to the *attitude seed bank*

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    kyky4008 Reply:

    no but i can point you in the direction of a library lear to spelll

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  1. Anonymous says:

    […] Hey Acapulco Gold Marijuana Review | Medical Marijuana Strains Hope that can help […]

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