3 kings

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 3 kings

Strain Name: 3 kings

Genetics: trainwreck x diesel x kush

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Looks: green with lotsa red hair and dark green leaves, dense nugs

smell: earthy smell

Taste: hashy yet sweet

Effects:good full body, nice head buzz

Potency: 7/10 maybe 8 im really picky

Reviewed by: medicalbud

Good Strain For: day relax you could do anything with no real probs

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8 Responses to “3 kings”

  1. maxload says:

    This is the first year I have grow 3 Kings. It is having trouble holding it’s limbs up in May. I have lost 2 nice limbs and had to tie up every limb up. All my other strains are holding with minimal support. I have had Raised Kush before before but so far this cross is a pain in the ass. I am only on my third year growing for myself but I have gotten acceptable luck with it and a lot of good people to share Knowledge with Medicine. I am as close to organic as I can be and refuse to use chemical Fertilizer or pesticides. May be that is why I don’t grow 10 lb. plants but I put this in my body. It is expensive. I haven’t ran out of medicine for 3 years I get enough for me with staying in the guidelines of my state.

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  2. TCAm420 says:

    i get my stuff from cali via nj but i was told Og x Bubba x Sd no train.that being said it was some of the best tasting kush iev had ever A+ miss her

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  3. Bigeon420315 says:

    Headband alone is great cant wait to try 3is kings out although i doubt it has anything on headband

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  4. Spankyomomma says:

    No one gives a shit you’re from humboldt, that used to hold weight but not after all the indoor grows and progression towards wax extracts. There is no way to measure, judge, or estimate the rate of growth towards the movement in metro areas. But most importantly, no one gives a shit you’re from humboldt except the guy woth white carpets

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  5. HumboldtSmoke says:

    damn right

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  6. humboldtherbs says:

    and here in humboldt we call…hedband x sour d x og= three kings… trainwreck isnt a king an arcata is where thats from…website needs to get shit straight…

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    the forth king Reply:

    Headband OG x sourD OG x chemdawg OG

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  7. PAT_RIOT says:

    This strain is Sativa dominant, not Indica.

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