Strain Type | 1 Eyed Jamaican, Indica

1 Eyed Jamaican

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1 Eyed Jamaican

Strain Name: 1 Eyed Jamaican

Grade: A+

Type: Indica/Sativa (Mainly Indica)

Looks: Light to medium green with reddish-brown hairs. The buds aren’t very big, but they’re very DANK!!

Smell: Spicy and earthy with a hint of citrus. Smells even better when it’s crushed up!!

Taste: Like a good indica should taste…Very pungent flavor with heavy thick smoke that will make you cough your *** off!!

Effects: I nice heavy body and head buzz that will last for a couple of hours. It may take some effort to get up off the couch after smoking this bud!!

Potency: (9/10) Very Potent Indica for the advanced smoker…definitley not for beginners!!

Reviewed by: 1 Eye

Good Strain For: Sleeping, Relaxing, Nausea, and Pain Relief. Also good if you want to get the Munchies!!

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5 Responses to “1 Eyed Jamaican”

  1. malik says:

    most certainly HAZEY from the looks it,.. resembles Brainstorm haze

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  2. sweetleaf sensei says:

    The ‘One-eyed jamaican’ reminds me of some ‘creeper’ I smoked back in the day on one of my trips to JAHmaica- Very nice…

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  3. blackwater bosss says:

    right now i am smoking the bubble gum and it is mad els hell

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  4. Logs says:

    did you just make that name up out of no where?

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    1 Eye Reply:

    Yes I did. I got some (Bag Seed) from Jamaica and I only have 1 eye, so I’m calling this 1 Eyed Jamaican. Not really sure what strain it is, I just know it’s DANK!!

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