Strain Type | Indica, Yoda OG Kush

Yoda OG Kush

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Yoda OG Kush 

Strain Name: Yoda OG Kush

Grade: A+

Type: Indica Dominant

Looks: Looks like Yoda in Marijuana Form. Like it’s OG brothers and sisters, this bud contains those beautiful orange strains spouting out of it’s light green core. It is Completely covered in crystals with swollen trich heads looking to burst, super pale buds that equal it’s pale sugar leaves, and it’s just huge & plumpy. Chunky balls of Yoda gold.

Smell: This dank devil will infest your house in it’s earthly smell. So rough even the neighbors might smell it. This scent will last you for days; rich and pure. Imagine a dash of vanilla scent with a garden of OG bud surrounding it; love it.

Taste: Taste like some sort of ice cream to me. Lemony taste, with a burst of vanilla, orange, and maybe some other fruits. This Kush is truly Majestic.

Effects: If you are an old fan of old school California kush of PK from back in the day, this is the strain for you. The first second I took a hit I felt smooth and relaxed. I’d laid on my couch for a good two hours. Careful not to take too much, this kush may knock you out (although it didn’t knock me out and I’m still a beginner). The effects are mostly located on the body, although there is a slight tingle on the the spine and the cerebral area. A fun experience when you have nothing to do, and your favorite movie is on. Enjoy this one from California Ladies & Gentlemen.

Potency: Very High. Add this to your Star Wars Collection: OG Skywalker, OG Darth Vader, Etc.

Reviewed by: HighCrow

Good Strain For: Couch Lock, relaxation, mental relaxation, muscle relaxer, stimulates appetite, eases physical pain, and keeps the mind at ease.

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3 Responses to “Yoda OG Kush”

  1. KUSHnTx says:

    One of my favs here… I had some around august, found one seed out of 7 gs. Put it outside along my fence line, we had a storm come through one night and it laid it over. Luckily within just two months that plant grew fast and thick. It had a bud already growing too. I cut the bud off, brought it in and let it dry. I smoked it during lunch that day and I stayed high all damn day.

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  2. kush cooker says:

    This shit is really good. I smoked this out of a bong and after 1 hit i was starting to feel it. The smell is very strong, i had to put it in 5 baggies. But this costs more than anything i have ever had

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  3. howitreallyis says:


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