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  1. @REAL420DIZZY says:

    any good tree in NYC?

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    Sharon Reply:

    going to pain mgmt DR friday to ask what he thinks of Medical Marijuana ,see if he will give me the recomendation to get card so I can try to find pain relief. I have chronic pain in L4 & L5 Don’t know what strains are best for chronic pain.

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    TheClutchMan Reply:

    Sharon my pain lies in my shoulder, stomach, but also between my T8 and T9 discs. When looking for medicine I’d suggest asking and looking for marijuana high in CBDs. Cannabidiol (CBD)s are the 2nd main cannabinoid in marijuana and responsible for mainly, in so many words, pain relief. Indicas are going to be high in CBDs for the most part, but may make you tired. Its hard to find medicine high in both THC and CBDs, but easy to find great buds I highly recommend would be Golden Goat, OG Kush, Blue Dream, Grape Ape, Snow Cap, Lemon Skunk, Chem Dawg, Sour Diesel and Grand Daddy Purple.

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    TheClutchMan Reply:

    NYC has great bud, but you better have deep pockets. There are many delivery services but an OZ is going to run $450-$600+ and the $450 stuff isn’t anything super special. Or you can buy these nice “cubes” which cost about $75 and you get about 2.7. Besides that if you don’t know the right people good luck.

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