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About Me:

I live in colorado I am a student studying to be honda auto tech, also I work for honda as a entry level tech now. I am a medical cannibus user and I enjoy finding the newest strains at dispensaries all over colorado. Theres nothing more that I enjoy than a snowy day, a fat blunt and hanging out with my English Bulldog choncho.

Favorite Strains:

Black Magic Kush, Mental Floss, Sour D, Master Kush, Buddahs Love.

Favorite Method of Ingestion:

1st Bong, 2nd Pipe, 3rd Blunt

Favorite Bongs:

Illidelph, roor, pure, zong, Lux, Jerome Baker

Favorite Music:

I mix it up with hardcore underground rap like Jedi Mind Tricks or Immortal Technique and 90s Alternative rock like REM or smashing pumpkins.

Favorite Movies:

Grandmas Boy, Pulp Fiction, Half Baked, Tropic Thunder and Anchorman.

Favorite Blunt Wraps:

Juicy orange overload, Platinum Purple

Latest Medical Marijuana Reviews:

Buddahs Love

C4 Hash



Grand Daddy Purple

Grape Kush

Great White Shark

Hash Dawg

Island Maui Haze

Master Kush

Skunk #1

Snow Cap

So Gouda

Sweet Tooth

White Haze

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2 Responses to “Weeditor – Str8bongin”

  1. Drew says:

    Hey Jerry! I too am a veteran. I’m so sorry to hear about your conditions and how your state does not allow medical marijuana. I’m a patient in northern nevada and I’m receiving this for my ptsd. It truly is amazing just what a flower can do for someone.

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  2. jerry says:

    Sort of just found this site by error and I’m glad I did. I found it both amusing and informative. You see, I’m a disabled veteran living in Oklahoma and we don’t have any compassionate marijuana laws. In fact the laws here are so stringent that one could go to prison for a single seed.

    I have several debilitating problems, insomnia, degenerative joint disease to the point now I need a hip replacement, knee replacement, and my cervical spine has 3 bulging disc and severe narrowing. And not only that but the doctors have me so sedated that I no longer drive.

    Last night, reading your site made me laugh and forget about my ailments. And I enjoyed the tone In which you wrote your reviews. It is good to know from someone’s else’s prespective how certain weed helped then or didn’t.

    I don’t normally bookmark sites but this one I did and placed it at the top of the lists.

    Please keep this site running. It made me laugh and I wasn’t high on anything. Kind of comical. And very enjoyable reading.

    Thanks man, jerry.

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