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About Me:

I am a husband and a dad of 2 awesome boys 2 & 13 and sweet step daughter of 11. I am also a passionate medical cannabis cultivator serving several patients in Northern Colorado. I believe in a hard days work and that a man is the King of his Castle. I also believe that education is the way to help us all progress. So far, my greatest growing accomplishment has been creating a strain in honor of one of my favorite bands. “Cephalics Cpecial Kush” is Ed Rosenthal Super Bud x Hindu Kush. I have also successfully created a whole line of Ed crosses, look for their reviews on this site. Lemon hED,Special Ed & Mr.Skunk. Keep Growing Everyone.

Favorite Strains:

I favor the Skunk strains obviously, particularly Lemon Skunk. However I will not turn down a well grown medical strain.

Favorite Method of Ingestion:

Water Filtrated Apparatus’ Only. But again I understand that I can’t always have H2O so…. I can say I do not and will not use a “Vaporizer” as I have not found them to not be effective for suiting my medical needs. And yes I have tried a few different kinds but do not get the same relief as my Kind Creations hardware.

Favorite Music:

Heavy Freakin Metal in all it’s brutality. Pantera,Cephalic Carnage, WhiteChapel & Hatebreed would be a top 4.

Favorite Movies:

I do not watch many movies, I am a education television freak though. Science Channel,History Channel,Discovery and so on. However when I do watch movies I run the gambit and will watch anything that is of quality.

Favorite Video Game:

Grand Theft Auto. I do also like various fighting games Soul Caliber & Tekken to name a couple.

Favorite Songs:

Kill For Weed(Cephalic Carnage),Drag The Waters(Pantera), Father of Lies(WhiteChapel) Destroy Everything(Hatebreed), Spheres of Madness(Decapitated), Cry For Me Sky(Devildriver),Fixation on Plastics(The Red Chord),Cower Before Me(Allegeaon), Success Is,Hanging By the Neck(Cattle Decapitation) these are just a few off of the top of my head.

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19 Responses to “Weeditor – Mr. Skunk”

  1. Jimmy says:

    I just got a strain of what I was told was “T Train”. I don’t see it on your list? Thank you.

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  2. Charles says:

    Does Lemon Skunk have two different leaves? I purchased one plant it has long,narrow, dark green leaves. The other was given to me and it has wide light green leaves.

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    Mr.Skunk Reply:

    Could be 2 different Phenos. Meaning it is just slightly different in some ways.

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  3. sam says:

    what would you say is the most METAL strain? I was arguing with a friend that The Church is the most metal, but he said that purple haze is. although i think that is more rock n rollish haha. any thoughts? and i totally am open if you say another strain im always open to learning about new METAL strains haha

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  4. David says:

    Hey Mr. Skunk how is your 2012 going so far ? mine is good finally got my card ha it was free cause i got SSI so i got off all my narcotics i can’t find the right strain for my ADD/ADHD , depression/anxiety, joint pain, headaches, insomnia but i want a sativa hybrid for the daytime and an indica for the evening night time use got any recommendations ? and I’m prone to anxiety.

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  5. Mr.Skunk says:

    A good sativa of any kind.

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  6. lovin the mid west! says:

    hey there, im a new commer to the growing world, long time user. im originaly from nebraska but now live in colorado. i just want to say all of your bud has the most beautiful sparkle to it, im growing currently silver cough and head band… any tips? at all? anything helps and is appreciated

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    Mr.Skunk Reply:

    Never get big headed and think you can learn something about growing, I still learn. Uumm other than that let your ladies tell what they want and when they want it. you will learn this “Growers Eye” over time and repetition. Also sticking to the basics as far as feeding and growing in general will get you a lot farther then trying to run pure hydro,super cropping,lst’n & jamming them full of nute mixes. I did this and learned the hard way. Just what the ladies like is the way and always the way. Never grow some other guys way, it only works for him. Using other peoples ideas are good but doing them your way. You will develop your style in due time, trust me.

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  7. Patrick W. says:

    hello i need help a friend of mine came across a some cali weed. i live in new york so this is something different for me. its called jack herer. the jack herer is in a air tight case that is about the size of a dollar bill when compared. i was wondering how much do u think that could go for ?

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  8. spacccccced-ouuuuuuutt says:

    Lemon hED,Special Ed & Mr.Skunk.


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    Mr.Skunk Reply:

    You are correct, sorry I have been sick for a while. Lemon hED & Special Ed will be coming soon, I promise.

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  9. cherie says:

    first I have heard of lemon skunk, sounds amazing, always did like the citrisy ones., looking at this site makes me want to try one of everyting lol

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  10. jerome says:

    what do u reccommend for memory!!! i tend to forget tings here n dere..have any advice on what i can use for memory!!!

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  11. David Hall says:

    Hey, I just moved to colorado pueblo, west and i got depression, bad anxiety , ADD/ADHD , bad socializing i am of age to get a card know where a best place that is cheap for one and best info givers stuff like that Mr. Skunk?

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    Mr.Skunk Reply:

    Down south there no I don’t, sorry. Look up the THC Foundation or maybe head to a dispensary and see their doc.

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  12. marcus miller says:


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  13. Mr. Skunk says:

    Super Skunk is what you want to go with. Stinky as hell and easy to grow.

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    Theman Reply:

    Whatssup man, wonderin if u were lookin for a midwest customer.. hit me up

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    Mr.Skunk Reply:

    If your in Colorado and your a legal patient, sure I would be more than happy to assist you in obtaning some of my fine medical herb.

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