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6 Responses to “Weeditor – Mastermind”

  1. lucas yanzer says:

    I smoke weed since 2010, but always with breaks of 2-3 months after I start developing a social anxiety, and very accelerated and confused thoughts. I have always bought from a dealer, but now I’m ready to grow my own weed. I have a mild social anxiety which is increased while i’m smoking. Which strain you reccommend to me?

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    Leah Reply:

    You said “I have a mild social anxiety which is increased while I’m smoking”. Doesn’t that answer your question?

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  2. buckville says:

    live in michigan. looking for the killa crip kush. any suggestions?

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  3. jerome says:

    ok man thanks very much !!!

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  4. jerome says:

    what do u reccommend for memory!!! i tend to forget tings here n dere..have any advice on what i can use for memory!!!

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    Cipher Reply:

    Jack Frost or Super Silver Haze.

    Great for cognitive stuff.

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