Weeditor – Layla N

Persian stoner, baker, traveler, and lover of awesome things!

Favorite Strains:

Strawberry Kush, Love Potion, Black Garlic, Sour Diesel

Favorite Method of Ingestion:

Smoking, Joints

Favorite Movies:

Dazed and Confused, The Big Lebowski

Favorite Rolling Papers:

Elements ultra thin rice paper

Favorite Video Games:

Mario Kart

Favorite Songs:

“You’re the one” by the Black Keys,  “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show, and anything Bob Marley

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Durban Poison

Great White Shark

OG Kush

Strawberry Kush

9 Responses to “Weeditor – Layla N”

  1. mike says:

    hey i was wondering what breeder did this strawberry kush come from (the one you reviewed?)

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  2. Mtony says:

    durban kush is the best I have had several back surgeries and two brain surgeries. Which I have horrible pain from. After smoking a bowl of durban kush My pain was completly gone. I could have danced the night away. Highly recommanded!!!!!

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  3. Sohail says:

    hey persian darling!

    thanks for the review on durban poison, totally helped decide it for me! im doing a northern lights right now but dont want to wait to start a sativa as i want a sativa more than indica!

    hopefully get my creative side flourishing!

    Sohail x

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    boompeace7777 Reply:

    how to make strawberry hash its available in noida india.
    i want the direct link or tell me how to cook


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  4. tunden@hotmail.com says:

    strawberry kush came from the weed wizard out of kitchener ont in 07 it is a strawberry cough x master kush f2 and was sold to a few seedbanks between 07 and 2011

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  5. Durban Represent says:

    I come from South Africa and I appreciate your review on Durban Poison but since I smoke the real bud from South Africa I’d class its potency as a predominantly sativa strain is a A+++ 10 out of 10… Its effects on the mind is unreal and if grown hydroponically there isn’t any other sativa strain I’d rather be smoking

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    tyron Reply:

    sup dude where about in sa are you from m in jozie

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  6. boompeace7777 says:

    how to make strawberry hash its available in noida india.
    i want the direct link or tell me how to cook


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  7. sonmark says:

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