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  1. GEOFF says:

    Just posted a review on the Black Domina, that I’m medicating with now, last nite..should be up soon for everyone’s viewing since I couldn’t(AND CANT BELIEVE NOONE HAS POSTED A REVIEW FOR THIS STRAIN YET)find a review of this flavor on here..hope you enjoy..stay lifted

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  2. Blake says:

    what’s up, bro? i really liked the review and pic you had for the Bubba Kush strain, you mind tellin me where I could possibly get some? I’m down in Alabama, so its hard to get ahold of good shit without goin out of state. Anyways, hit me back and let me know whats up man.

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  3. GEOFF says:

    The Chernobyl cone from a good friend who grows..I’m in southeast Michigan..its my #1 favorite bud..hands down…its extremely potent.

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  4. brendon says:

    Where did you get the chernobyl?

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