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I am a Medical stoner from Michigan. I smoke the beautiful flower for headaches, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. I have a special place in my heart for marijuana as she is the only one who can put a smile on my face after the hardest day. I appreciate The Ganj for everything – the look, smell, feel, taste, and most importantly, the high :P.

Favorite Strains: Sativa – Maui Wowie, Sour Diesel. Indica – LSD, Green Crack. Blend: Aurora Lights, White Widow. I prefer Sativas, I love a good wake and bake bud that I can rip in my one-hitter on the way to work.

Favorite Method of Ingestion: Bong, Blunt, Glass Pipe. I honestly don’t like vaporizers, I love the feeling of smoke in my lungs and I like tasting the bud.

Favorite Music: I can listen to everything except Opera and Showtunes. My favorite blazing music is rap and house/trance. Just look at my name!! I love Kottonmouth Kings and any artist out of Suburban Noize Records. I also like Wiz Khalifa and Kid Cudi. For house I love Skrillex, Bassnectar, and Mimosa. I can bake to some rock too, with such artists as Tool, Weezer, Avenged Sevenfold, or the classics (The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, etc). You can occasionally find reggae in my speakers from Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, or Sublime.

Favorite Movies: Grind. Dude, Where’s my Car?. Out Cold. Pineapple Express. Any Jackass movie RIP Ryan Dunn.

Favorite Rolling Papers: Zig Zag Ultra Thins (Blue/Silver Pack), Raw.
Size – 1.25

Favorite Blunt Wraps: Straight Up Zig Zag Rillos (Straight Up is unflavored).

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11 Responses to “Weeditor – kottonmouthking420”



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    kottonmouthking420 Reply:

    unalienable rights include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. let us be happy, let us be free, arrest dandelions and let weed be free!

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  2. 4:20 says:

    4;20 kottonmouth fan here also. my fave of smoke is my #1 UW:-)~ and from there #2 weapons of mass destructions aka WMD #3 LSD #4 carnaval, and it goes from there???? Fuck I guess I like them all stay blazed kmk

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    kottonmouthking420 Reply:

    much love brother. you ever have king’s kush? i have a review up. its also known as purple crip, og crip, or king crip

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  3. mrtellitlikeitis says:

    trying to figure out what strain i have . smells like grapefruit anlooks very lime green almost white .?? any ideas

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    kottonmouthking420 Reply:

    maybe grapefruit kush? could be anything. hell if your guy didnt give u a name name it yourself!

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  4. Theman says:

    sup bro.. from indiana.. wonderin if u lookin for a big customer?

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    jake Reply:

    thats what im sayin

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  5. jesse says:

    read your review about super lemon haze, you should add that to your favorites. & thats THE best bud on this site. idc lol

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    kottonmouthking420 Reply:

    It is one of my favs. I agree with ya man. King’s kush and maui are really good too cant forget those!

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    Marijuanna11 Reply:

    how do you buy It over the internet though

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