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About Me

I’m a Medicinal Cannabis user, in Colorado. I went to school as an Industrial Engineer, and am graduating this December. I have been having health issues though, hence the cannabis, so no job prospects currently.

Favorite Strains:

Sativa – Sour Diesel, Indica – G13, Hybrid – Blue Dream

Favorite Method of ingestion:

Volcano, Glass bong, Gravity bong, chillum (in that order)

Favorite Music:

Really, every genre has its good songs. Personally I’m a bit partial to Jazz and electronic, but I just love music in general really.

Favorite Movies:

Too many to list hah! Boondock Saints, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Donny Darco, Primer, Burn after reading, Count of Monty Cristo, etc etc

Favorite Rolling Papers:

Cellulose papers (the clear ones)

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8 Responses to “Weeditor – In The Blue”

  1. la broma enferma says:

    Thank you for your insightful reviews! It is a pleasure to find the information I seek in such a wonderful package [-one which is complete!] and you save me so much time in my research. I have a rare genetic condition along with adhd, social anxiety and bipolar disorder. Though I am mostly medicating for my pain I do experience a great deal of varied effects/conditions due to my genetic makeup so when choosing medicine I prefer to “check off” as many items from my med criteria list as possible. Your reviews answer all of my questions in a concise yet descriptive manner-I wish you made a ‘Find your MMJ RX’ app lol, I know I would support it!
    Keep up the great work!

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  2. Cozmic says:

    Is Ultimate Indica still available? I used to have it, but it was lost to us a few years back. I saw the review you posted, great job and the pics are very good. :)

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  3. dcbfan says:

    man i would love to chill with you guys im tired of smoking bad weed i need good weed.

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  4. Green Meadows says:

    Hey would love it if you would come try out some of our strains. Weve been told we have some of the best buds in Denver!

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    greenwarior Reply:

    watss good im tryna try some of that :)

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    Akademicks Reply:

    Hey I would like to try a few.

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  5. Buggins says:

    I was hoping you could help me pick a couple medical strains. I’m in BC, and I’ve got some pretty bad stomach problems and have been issued my medical MJ card. Can you recommend something that works best for getting rid of nausea, increasing appetite, and hopefully also helping reduce my panic attacks and anxiety too. I notice you have some of the same health issues. Thanks for your help

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  6. In the Blue says:

    I appologize for all of my ‘yellow’ pictures. I have changed my photographing methodology and it is producing much better pictures now. Enjoy!

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