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Anything funny, really dislike movies that make marijuana users look stupid. I also enjoy some older horror films, newer ones are usually awful.I just work, enjoy music, my family, and life. Soon I will be getting a couple more instruments so i can record my own music, as of right now i only play guitar.

Favorite Strains:

Indicas, Anything really strong in flavor, smell, and looks nice. I LOVE HASH….real hash though, not keif.

Favorite Method of ingestion:

Just a plain old glass pipe.

Favorite Songs:

Too many to list. I really enjoy CKY, World Under Blood, In Flames, Marilyn Manson (even if he is washed up now,) Honestly the list could go on forever.

Favorite Movies:

Anything funny, really dislike movies that make marijuana users look stupid. I also enjoy some older horror films, newer ones are usually awful.

Favorite Bongs:

I always bought my glass from clown glass in Minnesota, they blew their own stuff. Other than that i have no preference. I hate 99% of bongs and pipes i see these days.

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18 Responses to “Weeditor – Heavy Smokers”

  1. jerome says:

    what do i reccommend for memory!!! i tend to forget tings here n dere..have any advice on what i can use for memory!!!

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  2. Sean says:

    Err umm I forgot

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  3. Edward says:


    I love to smoke every day, but I can get allot of anxiety on social situations. I guess it could be related to the guilt in me of people finding out that I am high and this in turn creates in me some sort of moral conflict and therefor a social phobia in order to avoid it. Uff!

    Anyway, I thought that maybe a low potency cannabis that could be grown in a closet with hydroponics might be a good choice for me.

    My question is, what would be a good low potency cannabis with good taste?

    My reasoning is that if its not too strong, I would not get too blasted away and therefore I would not fear the people around me would notice that I am high.

    I know people go for potency but in my case potency might not be the best choice due to the social anxiety it could create. I don’t like to smoke tobacco so it is not an option for me to dilute a high potency one with tobacco.

    I think I rather have a low potent weed and therefore be able to enjoy the experience of smoking a nice joint without freaking out that I got too high.

    Don’t get me wrong, I can sometimes enjoy an astral travel, but only on very special occasions and defenetly not in a social environment.
    What would be a good weed for the day to day basis?

    Is there any other herbs that can replace tobacco?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Cat pisser Reply:

    @ Edward your a fucking dumb ass! fuck you just get good shit and get baked with some friends in privacy, instead of walking around in public with random people. Stupid fucker! misfits raped your mother today!

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    mars bilterr Reply:

    When your nervous in social situations and stoned, chant a mantra in your head, it will calm u down, something like om mani padme um. Gud luk, and jus remember everyone gets nervous, even a calm collected person can b a wobbly jelly inside, so just chill. Gouranga

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    yankee2 Reply:

    There are no herbs that REPLACE tobacco, exactly, because the only thing that will “replace” nicotine is nicotine, but… there ARE nicotine delivery devices (which look like a cigarette), which will give you the same nicotine rush as a cigarette but without the tar. If you don’t OD (nicotine is a very toxic substance), it is a safe way to be a cigarette smoker.

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    Leah Reply:

    Edward, I don’t understand why you need to be high in public. But if you must try a good sativa. You can look on line for descriptions of what type of high you are looking for. Just try not to give ALL your personal info. This is not that kind of ball game.

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  4. Cassanova says:

    So like iv got so mani questions nd ur help wud b greatly appreciated…

    Tha major difrences in tha grade of weed nd effect,A-plus,wud b potent,naturali bt wah iz tht best fr,along wit B etc?

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  5. paul ross says:

    u guys r so lucky we r stuck back in the stone age were they would rather b in a mass pile of dept our goverment r so f stupid if they could follow ur ways u guys over there no ur stuff its such a shame briton needs to do this for the smokers but more for the proper medical use and the econommy how much 2.2billion profit in la wow

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  6. Mateo says:

    You are so stupid just fucking spell all the words in your comment.

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  7. medicine-mover says:

    Would u be interested in sending some danks to me ? I need a reliable plug

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  8. medicine-mover says:

    Looking for reliable plug to meet me with meds..I’m from Wisconsin. someone hit me back

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    holerie Reply:

    get back to me viamy email if you need kush

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  9. lowkey305 says:

    i feel you on the social anxiety and i had real bad experiences in family reunions since bk in the early teen days when i would be high 24/7 and not caring what day it izzz…now in my late 20′s i still feel s.anxiety so thats why i smoke indoors and watch movies to take me away

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  10. Caregiver 420 says:


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