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11 Responses to “Weeditor – Brokensun”


    hey brospeh any good ideas where you can send me sum seeds

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  2. yo momma says:

    no offence, actually all offence taken to you you get good mary jane, but your a little bitch. people ask you questions and you cant even respond! BITCH MADE!

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    brokensun Reply:

    If folks want to know how to grow medicine, they need to check out Ed Rosenthal’s work…I just take photos of weed and share it on this website. You need to chill out, friend-o.

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    Buggins Reply:

    Calm down dude, jesus.

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  3. thumper says:

    Ole schooler, looking to make the next step in trying alternative meds for my pain relief, Ready to Roll!

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    Colleen Furimsky Reply:

    Me too!

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  4. new commer says:

    hey i have only two questions, what is cough lock and any advice on growing i just got me seeds sprouting

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  5. tayler says:

    you can find you Uw in seattle or in washington the strain comes from washington university.i beleive.

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  6. David Mahan says:

    Where did you find a UW I have been in search of it for 3 years now

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    brokensun Reply:

    I’ve seen the UW at quite a few of the dispensaries in Washington, but never outside of the state.

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    uw master Reply:

    3 years? The strain I got id never give out to anyone. Doubt many people that has a good strain of it will part with it. True uw purp is unique

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