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My name is Matt, I live in Michigan and am a caregiver and a patient. I once was a wine taster before the market feel out so now I put my nosie to an even better use, I love tasting new buds, and trying to find the right descriptive words to describe such buds.

I’m currently in school full time for my degree in horticulture, and am working towards my master gardener certificate. I have a bit of a passion when it comes to plants especially marijuana The best and most versatile plant in the world.

Favorite Strains:

Carameslicious, Le fruit Defendu, 420 Blues, and White Ice

Favorite Method of Ingestion:

Vaporizor, Glass Bowl, Bong

Favorite Bong Brands:

Graph, USA

Favorite Music:

I like all Music with the exception of hard rap

Favorite Movies:

To many, Lord of Rings Trilogy, Matrix Trilogy, Yes Sadly Star Wars, I like just about anything scifi

Favorite Rolling Papers:

Organic clear plant matter type, Any brand

Favorite Video Games:

Twisted metal black, Battlefield 2142, though I have not played in some time

Favorite Songs:

No one favorite

Latest Medical Marijuana Reviews:

bug slot machine bar brawl

Black Widow

Blueberry Haze

Blue Dreams

Blue Thunder

Bubble Kush

Grape Kush

Great White

Juicy Fruit

Master Kush

Space Kush


Sour Diesel

Strawberry Cough

Sweet Dreams

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10 Responses to “Weeditor – Antimatter”

  1. jonnyfive says:

    Hey i was wondering if anybody has a strain called “RUBBY TUBBY” it is a strain from the depths of alberta. the seeds were a 15 year project and the creators house burnt to the round. these seeds were given free to many growers across the globe and we are just trying to track it down. thanks for your help!

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  2. i need good connect in houston says:

    I really need

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  3. Lenny says:

    Can you please help me? I am 53 I have had many strains before. Can anyone tell me how or where I can get Acapulco Gold ? Or Maui Wowie , Hawaii Gold ,Hawaiian Big Bud ,Hawaiian Gold ,Hawaiian Snow . I would appreciate any advice or help. I am am in need of your advice. Lenny

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  4. HighCrow says:

    How do you make a biography like this? :o

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    Volcanobis Reply:

    Send any details you want added to your weeditor page to admin (at) medicalmarijuanastrains.com and I will update your page for you. Right now it has to be manually updated on the backend of the site.

    Thanks a lot for the great reviews!

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    HighCrow Reply:

    Welcome :)

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  5. steve says:

    I was looking at one of your reviews and you stated potency at 2.0-2.5, and I was wondering what scale you were going off of. is that a high poten or a low?

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  6. jerome says:

    what do u reccommend for memory!!! i tend to forget tings here n dere..have any advice on what i can use for memory!!!

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  7. jerome says:

    what do i reccommend for memory!!! i tend to forget tings here n dere..have any advice on what i can use for memory!!!

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  8. Buddy Nuggs says:

    Have you heard of a hybrid called Blueberry Urkle or Urkleberry?

    I heard its from North CA Med dispensory. just wondering if you have heard/seen/reviewed this before?


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