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Strain Name: Wappa

Grade: 9/10 A/A+ Michigan Medical Marijuana (The Mix)

Type: 8/10 the bud i got stretched a little but is INDICA IN EFFECTS 18%+ THC tested- maybe it was the grow but i have seen pics of Wappa growing and she is pretty and 100% Indica very crystallized

Looks: 8/10 Frosted Trichome covered lime green goodness sparkling delicate and powerful

Smell: 8/10 not a lot until broken up-then a acrid diesel yet sweet pine smell-delicious!

Taste: 8/10 as good as it smells blossoms earthy mint-strong expansion!-smooth finish

Effects: 9.5/10 stoney baloney! no drive on this! tipsy feeling yet no cotton mouth or red itchy eyes-blissful feeling not a strong urge to eat-I can focus(I’m typing here) medicated feeling upper body head high-can feel strong THC levels in the frontal lobe area-well being is good :^)

Potency: 9.25/10 1 bowl 3 hits 2+ hrs really really really medicated can feel it next day still

Reviewed by: hottpotat0

Good Strain For: medicating relaxing at night-kind of trippy for social gatherings- good watch a movie bud fall asleep on the couch if you like stuff-its all good Wappa :^)

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2 Responses to “Wappa”

  1. Gladtablets says:

    Wappa is an easy grow, top it a few times in veg and you will get many buds. The taste is great the buzz is strong and yet not too much to handle, no paniccy vibes. Will numb and chill you out but you can still do things around the house. Very enjoyable seeds to grow and I have nothing bad to say at all, with Wappa it’s pure : )

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  2. Robotdinosaur says:

    I have been growing Wappa for a few years now. Always enjoy her – growing and smoking. Nice up high but with almost stupefying head effects. Great for pain. Mine smells sweet and cheesy with a fuel-y funk :)

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