Strain Type | Indica, Vanilla Kush

Vanilla Kush

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vanilla kush

Strain Name: Vanilla Kush

Grade: A-

Type: Indica-dominant

Looks: Mix of light green and orange-y leaves, very flaky, soft nugs, not too dense but still potent

Smell: Smooth, sweet, not too dank or strong but still rich

Taste: Smooth for the first few hits then starts to get stronger as you smoke more of it. Tastes sweet and doesn’t leave the terrible aftertaste that some strains do.

Effects: Good for being social, happy, calms the body & towards the end of the high puts you into a straight easy body high

Potency: Semi-strong, would do work on lightweights but a good weed for regular smokers

Reviewed by: AMB

Good Strain For: relaxing, eating, being social, insomnia relief

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4 Responses to “Vanilla Kush”

  1. Wolf says:

    Very nice for small social gathering,
    Has really allowed me to be more creative on my guitar, and the sleep is awesome.

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  2. grim9 says:

    Description and pic are dead on love this strain smell is awesome faint smell of sweet earth and skunk mixed.

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  3. Joey macado says:

    Whoa dis stuff is great. Little diff from picture tho.

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  4. jamel ellis says:

    dude i want some! i need some please!!!

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