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Strain Name: UW (U-dub)

Grade: A

Type: Indica

Looks: Deep green bordering on purple with massive amounts of orange hairs and trichomes. Dense and sticky.

Smell: Strong fruit smell with a little bit of spiciness.

Taste: Expansive, fruity-sweet taste. Leaves you with a tingly nose and a delicious aftertaste.

Effects: Potent head and body high, especially in the eyes, though it’s not overly sleep inducing (depending upon your dosage). This strain is the subject of a number of legends in the Pacific Northwest, namely that a graduate assistant at the University of Washington “liberated” the strain which was being legally studied in a government medical program. Maybe, maybe not…but it’s still excellent medicine.

Potency: Very Strong

Reviewed by: brokensun

Good Strain For: Anxiety relief. Sleep. Pain management.

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7 Responses to “UW”

  1. SativaCybörg says:

    I reside in Seattle Washington and actually have access to these genectics, a good friend of mine has spent upwards of $150,000 over the last 30 years keeping this strain alive. Its because of him the rest of the Pacific NW can access this amazing and rare strain. Because of its yeild, most commercial growers scoff at true UW Purple. This plant has never exceeded 2 ft in flowering and never produced more than a half oz per plant. But its the quality of the buds that draw in true cannasiuers.” I will continue to grow UW purp untik the day i die

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  2. SativaCybörg says:

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  3. Dee says:

    My disp. supplied this medicinal strain. It was very pale green,nearly white w/ trichomes. It smelled at first like “cat”,now fruity or bubblegumish.Very red-eyed. Energetic at first and levels off to a sedated,pleasant,pain-free 2 hour was listed by my disp. as an indica or indica-heavy hybrid. Anyone who has any input,feel free to school me! Peace!

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  4. TB-303 says:

    Had this for the first time in 1987 and can still remember the taste and feel of the nicely cured nuggets. Still to this day I rate it in my top 10 I’ve tried. I live in Seattle and got it from a UW student so the rumor was around back then even.

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  5. NW503PO says:

    I had some UW & the dispensary I got it from was saying it is a sativa, it looked & taste just like the description they say about it on this website

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  6. AJ says:

    Real uw is white not purple. It was created by chemically treated seeds 1st generation long ago could not be smoked but the seeds of that generation could. How do I know? Oh a professor and his wife that worked at the uw in the late 70’s thru the 80’s. It was the shit. The real deal is long gone but the strain they used still exists ATF*G-13*unknown afgani. The mother plant is 30 years old. It’s just not the offspring of the chemical seeds anymore just the strain itself.

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    Izm Reply:

    This is how I remember it. I got my first UW in 1992 in Seattle. It was pretty much white with all of the trichomes. The plant was a light green.

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