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Top 44

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Top 44

Strain Name: Top 44

Grade: C

Type: Indica

Looks: This bud looks like one dense rock of orangish crystals.

Smell: This bud has an intense lemon smell.

Taste: The flavor really matches the scent: very lemony with dank undertones.

Effects: This is a hardcore couchlock indica. It seems to have the capacity to put even the most veteran smokers down, and many times out. The high I think is best described by the phrase “warm and confused.” This was one of those buds that looks amazing, but when it comes down to how useful the bud is: Top 44 is very limited.

Potency: Effects lasted 3+ hours

From: Patient’s Choice of Colorado

Reviewed By: In The Blue

Notes: While I use this to help with sleep issues at night, I would not recommend this for daytime use; unless you are planning on taking a long nap.

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One Response to “Top 44”

  1. redweed says:

    I’m a German grower and top 44 is one of my favorites in both – grow and use ;-)
    400w MH &Ndl -1m2 with 8 plant’s ~1.2 m tall 531g dry in 53 Day flower. !!
    One hit from this delicious weed fill your mouth with lemon drop taste and sit you for a while on the ground with heavy red eye’s and a heavenly smile.
    in short :
    it’s easy to clone with no tendency to hermaphrodite when fem. seed’s. !
    For pic’s from the grow contact me
    Stay Green & Overgrown three government

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