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Blue Widow

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Strain Name: Blue Widow (Berry White)

Grade: A+

Type: Mostly Indica “BlueBerry (female from British Columbia) x White Widow (Aloha male)”

Looks: Budding is slow at first, then it explodes with orange hairs forming thick, rock solid clusters covered in abundant shiny glands, all possessing an unmistakable blue hue to the tops. Good side branching will form dense solid buds with much resin everywhere, in between small thick leaves.

Smell: Smelling like a strong house cleaner that tingles the nose.

Taste: It is extremely tasty, with a sweet hashyberry flavor that explodes in the lungs.

Effects: Very strong, nice up, clear high, exhilarating, floaty, very visual buzz. It is more powerfull, and has a much better high than either BlueBerry or White Widow, but is not very heavy.

Potency: Blue Widow is more powerful and has much better high then Sags Blue Berry and Greenhouse White Widow.

Reviewed by: JollyGreenMedibles

Good Strain For: Headaches, Nausea, Appetite Inducing and Mild-Moderate pain relief.

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frosted trainwreck.JPG

Strain Name: Trainwreck

Grade: B

Type: Sativa dominant

Looks: Gorgeous. Dusted in crystals with lots of orange hairs.

Smell: Spicy, earthy, with a hint of skunk.

Taste: Much like the smell.

Effects: The first thing I noticed was the immediate cerebral effects. Lightly visual, a nice body buzz, but it is still easy to get stuff done.

Potency: Mild – moderate. 2-4 hours.

Reviewed by: Lexistence


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