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Grand Daddy Purp X Grape Gorilla

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Grand Daddy Purp X Grape Gorilla

Strain Name: Grand Daddy Purp X Grape Gorilla

Grade: A+

Type: Indica Hybrid

Looks: Lots of Purple, green, amber, yellow.

Smell: Intoxicating, very skunky and fruity.

Taste: Grape fruit, with a smooth skunky exhale

Effects: Couch lock, Extreme body high, painless floating feeling with heavy eyes, and a trippy head buzz

Potency: Very High 2 hits does the job.

Reviewed by: inode420

Good Strain For: Pain, Sleep, Eating disorders, Social events


Strain Type: Grand Daddy Purp X Grape Gorilla, Indica

Lucky Seven (Lucky 7)

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Lucky Seven Marijuana

Strain Name: Lucky Seven

Grade: AA

Type: Indica/Sativa hybrid, looks like indica but gets a good sativa vibe, maybe 50/50 mix.

Looks: Very nice, looks like this plant had a long flowering period, fat buds with touches of bright purple and ambered trichomes.

Smell: Piney/Tropical moist

Taste: Tastes sweet with a fresh piney background. Quite harsh, but not too much.

Effects: Euphoric, very clear mental high, good for day smoke. Good pain reliever. No heavy eyes and doesn’t leave you rushing on the down.

Potency: 8/10

Reviewed by: JM

Good Strain For: stress, anxiety, pain reliever, motivation.

Lucky Seven Marijuana

Strain Type: Indica, Lucky Seven

Super MelonHead Kush

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Super MelonHead Kush Marijuana Strain

Strain Name: Super MelonHead Kush

Grade: A++++++++++++

Type: Indica

Looks: Look Pinkishs And Lime Green

Smell: Watermelon And Mango

Taste:  JollyRancherz

Effects: Super Lazy And Stupid Hungry


Reviewed by: The Doc

Good Strain For: Life

Strain Type: Indica, Super MelonHead Kush

Purple Urkle I.D. ( Indoor)

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Purple Urkle I.D. ( Indoor) Marijuana

Purple Urkle I.D. ( Indoor)

Strain Name: Purple Urkle I.D. ( indoor)

Grade: Top Shelf/A+++++

Type: Indica

Looks: Dense as a Rock nugs, dark green triched out to the max! So hard to pull off the stem it made my fingers hurt. For purp lovers this is the holy grail of purps. Nug porn

Smell: Legendary. Imagine blue, grapes, purple and flowers all smeared together in a strangely euphoric sent. Gave me goose bumps every time I smelled it.

Taste: like grape soda and blue berries mixed with some fresh flower petals.

Effects: Almost instantly aware of the urkle creeping up on you. It hits slow and once it hits, the stone is intense, almost on the verge of a psychedelic effect. Very strong typical Indica couch lock but its an enjoyable couch lock;) STONEY!

Potency: 9.5 out of ten. I’m not one to give tens out either. This is honestly some of the stronger Indica stones I’ve ever experienced! Have fun and medicate with this stuff if you happen to get your hands on the Legendary.

Reviewed by: your kneighborhood stoner man

Good Strain For: Whatevers cleaver baby

Strain Type: Indica, Purple Urkle I.D.

Tangerine Dream

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Tangerine Dream Marijauna

Strain Name: Tangerine Dream

Grade: A+++ Top Shelf

Type: G-13 x Neville’s Haze

Looks: Dark Green with Orange/Fire Red Hairs

Smell: Very Potent fruity/earthy smell

Taste: Mouth watering taste, very Tangerine’y after taste

Effects: Extremely happy, you can’t stop laughing!

Potency: Very Potent, you’ll feel it strong after 2 hits!

Reviewed by: Guffaoki

Good Strain For: Depression, Appetite & Socializing


Strain Type: Indica, Tangerine Dream

Lemon Haze

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Lemon Haze Marijuana

Lemon Haze

Strain Name: Lemon Haze

Grade: A++

Type: 100% Sativa

Looks: Super light green, covered in orange hairs and trichomes with hints of purple leaves

Smell: Super skunky mixed with a sour smell

Taste: Sour when smoked out of a bong or joint. Very good long lasting taste

Effects: Super long cerebral high comes on in a matter of minutes after the first toke. It feels very uplifting.

Potency: 10/10 Very very strong cerebral head high

Reviewed by: Dank in Canada

Good Strain For: Daytime use, long lasting pain relief, back pain and sore muscles

Strain Type: Lemon Haze, Sativa


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Paramedic Marijuana Strain

Strain Name: Paramedic

Grade: A++

Type: Indica

Looks: Full of Crystals Lime green few orange hairs

Smell: Harsh You can smell it from four blocks down

Taste: Very sour yet Sweet Citrus after taste

Effects: Laziness, blood red eyes, munchies, severely droopy eyes,

Potency: 10/10 high last 4-5 hours

Reviewed by: TITO

Good Strain For: A day off of work -_-


Strain Type: Indica, Paramedic

Parker Kush

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Parker Kush

Parker Kush Marijuana

Strain Name: Parker Kush

Grade: A++

Type: indica

Looks: dark green

Smell: DANK

Taste: piney with a sweet after taste

Effects: 4-6 hour high slow movement and body numbness

Potency: 9/10

Reviewed by: TheHitMan

Good Strain For: everything

Strain Type: Indica, Parker Kush

Mr. Nice

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Mr Nice Marijuana

Strain Name: Mr. Nice

Grade: A+++

Type: 100% Pure Indica

Fun Fact: This was named “Mr. Nice” in honor an autobiography by/about Howard Marks. A Welsh cannabis campaigner, author, and former hashish cannabis entrepreneur. After his DEA bust he made an autobiography titled “Mr. Nice.” This is a very rare, VERY powerful bud. I love it.

Looks: G-13 x Sensei Seed Bank’s Hash Plant (Hash Plant x Northern Lights)

Smell: Very, VERY, strong baby diarrhea/dank with a burning sensation in the nose. You can tell how stoned you will be from the smell. I had to bag the pill jar I had it in and it still stank up the place.

Taste: A strange bonanza of rotten banana and fresh pine with a fruity after taste on the exhale.

Effects: This has the strangest high ever. There is a very rapid and powerful indica head rush, with a strange, sudden sativa energy rush. You will want to get up, but be careful; if you do your stone will double. Once the peak reaches is when the indica effects really kick in. Just smoke a small bowl, relax, and play video games for a few hours. Just don’t forget to bring a snack :).

Potency: Extremely high, you can tell your head will be in the clouds once you smell it.

Reviewed by: Kottonmouthking420

Good Strain For: Muscle tension/soreness, insomnia, ADHD, relaxing.

Mr Nice Marijuana

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Strain Type: Indica

Medical Marijuana


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