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Strain Name: Runuponyah

Genetics: A mix of OG Kush & Stress (Herb)

Grade: A

Type: Indica

Looks: Still has those beautiful shades of green, some orange hair, only has the bits of stress in there, and less amount of crystals.

Smell: A very distinct smell, you have the scent of rose garden with a peak of herbs, a unique smell.

Taste: A dense taste, unknown to me.

Effects: There is a reason for it’s name. You can take 3-4 hits and it will not effect you, but by the fifth hit you are beyond blown. This sneaky plant will have you guessing when it will strike, and when it does it strikes with full force. A treat from the City of Angels.

Potency: 10/10 It gives you the full satisfaction just be careful, you don’t know when it will be coming.

Reviewed by: HighCrow

Good Strain For: Just about everything. A great pain reliever, and cerebral activity will be up and running. Those who favor OG Kush, will love this one :)

Strain Type: Indica, Runuponyah

OG Kush

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OG Kush

Strain Name: OG Kush

Grade: A+++

Type: Indica

Looks: Many Different shades of Bright Green, dense, small, circular, popcorn sized nugs, many orange hairs, Huge crystals.

Smell: Very Very Distinct. Extremely Floral (A hint of Rose), Pungent (Almost burns my nostrils). Nothing else like it.

Taste: Extremely Smooth. Thick, milky white smoke.

Effects: Tolerance is not a factor. True California OG Kush will have anyone Blown. As a resident of CA, I’ve smoked the finest. But OG Kush from the lovely city of Los Angeles is THE BEST shit I’ve ever chiefed.

Potency: 10/10 Depending on how much you smoke of regular shit, cut that amount in half, then again, that is how much OG you should smoke if you don’t want to be straight trippin’ out.

Reviewed by: J-MXRDA

Good Strain For: Anyone and Anything.

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