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King Kong

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King Kong

Strain Name: King Kong

Grade: private reserve

Type: indica



Taste: awesome!

Effects: very sleepy. good body high.

Potency: very, very strong

Reviewed by: dubako

Good Strain For: sleep, nausea relief, watching movies

got it at alternameds in sunland
alternameds is awesome. this place has a nice mix of high end strains. the prices are not the cheapest in the world but you certainly get what you pay for. if i lived in that area this would be my place.



Strain Type: Indica

OG Kush #18

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OG Kush #18

Strain Name: Reserva Privada OG Kush #18

Grade: A- or B+

Type: Indica/Sativa mix. Sour kush!

Looks: Thick, dense and very resinous

Smell: So sour it will curdle milk.

Taste: Very Sour. Sour over powers everything else.

Effects: Nice mix of head/body highs.

Potency: 9/10. Quite strong overall.

Reviewed by: SSHZ

Good Strain For: Appetite stimulation, pain and aches.

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Strain Type: Indica, OG KushComments (1)

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