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AMG Mary Og

Strain Name: AMG MARY OG

Grade: A

Type: Indica, OG

Looks:light green, dense buds with dark highlights

Smell: sweet, strong, amazing

Taste: very sweet, easy on the throat

Effects:euphoria, sedation

Potency: very strong

Reviewed by: Dubako

Good Strain For: stress, nausea, insomnia, muscle pain

AMG is awesome. It’s become one of my regular spots because it’s right here in pacoima and they have really good stuff. It’s a medbox place so they don’t have the biggest selection in the world but what they have is really good and you don’t have other patients breathing all over the meds. Their prices are excellent. I usually get the mary og for $40 an eighth. The staff is cool and the medbox thing is a lot easier to work with than the hal 9000 for sure.



Strain Type: Indica

Church Og

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Church Og

Strain Name: Church Og

Grade: high

Type: indica, OG

Looks:light green, fluffy and sticky

Smell: very sweet, og smell

Taste: light , sweet og taste

Effects: very strong, fun, long lasting high

Potency: very strong

Reviewed by: dubako

Good Strain For: editing, playing GTA 4 and running people over.

2am western med center 938 western ave, los angeles ca

this place is really close to my new apt so i was super stoked to find that they have a really good selection of nice og’s and a great staff. i tried the church og and the godfather. they both go for $50 an eightgh and they were both great. especially liked the church og which was really fresh. the can thingy from the medbox was still cold so that’s a good sign. they also had some really nice brownies with white cream in the center, it’s convenient to where i live so i will definitely be back.



Strain Type: Indica


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Strain Name: Louis XIII OG

Grade: high

Type: indica

Looks: light green, fluffy nugs

Smell: sweet, skunky.

Taste: sweet, light on the throat.

Effects: sleep

Potency: very strong

Reviewed by: dubako

Good Strain For: relaxing, going to bed

hillhurst meds
1757 hillhurst, los angeles, ca

This place was really cool because it had a FULL headshop attached to it. this was like a complete, one stop smoking emporium. the headshop had a crazy selection of glass and other knick knacks. i went into the little collective area where they have the medbox machine and smelled all the different strains. they all seemed really fresh and they had a nice variety of different tastes available. i ended up getting the louis xiii og which the guy told me was the top strain in the house. it was a really heavy indica with a nice, sweet OG taste. they also had some nice upper end edibles which were also in the medbox thing in this big refrigerated compartment. if all this is not enough reason to check this place out,it’s also kind of close to “all about bread” which is an awesome sandwich shop so that’s another big plus.



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BC God Bud

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BC God Bud

Strain Name: BC God Bud

Grade: A++) Very Top Shelf!

Type: A++) 75%/25% Indica Dominant

Genetics: God Bud x Hawaiian x Purple Indica

Looks: A++) Very nice light green fluffy buds that are just bombarded with tri-chromes!

Smell: A++) Wonderful aroma with this strain! Smells Sweet, tastes sweet and tangy, and lingers sweet!

Taste: A+) Sweet and smooth all around and the smell lingers. Just Effin Awesome!

Potency: A++) VERY POTENT!!!!!! A sharp incline and very slow decline. 3-3 1/2hrs

Effects: A++) Made me relaxed; like I had taken a Soma. Vivid colors and heightened senses. Can easily cause a couch lock.

Reviewed by: Alexander Young

Good Strain For: Sleep, Appetite, Depression, Pain



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Widow Wreck

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Widow WreckStrain Name: WidowWreck (White Widow x Trainwreck)

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid (50/50)

Looks: Light/medium green buds with great formation. Leafy, yet frosty, the nugs are covered with crystal.

Smell: Very earthy, somewhat skunky. Almost smells like the generic odor when you step into the elderlie’s house.

Taste: Earthy somewhat smooth smoke

Effects: Wonderful high. Wether you’d like you sit on the couch and play video games or go out and enjoy the surroundings, the effects for this one are great.

Potency: 8.75/10

Reviewed by: TheClutchMan

Good Strain For: Stress, Depression, Nausea, Anytime Use

Widow Wreck


Strain Type: Hybrid

Da Purps

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Da PurpsStrain Name: Da Purps

Grade: A+

Type: Sativa

Looks: very light green, with purple all throughout, covered in crystals and orange hairs.

Smell: Pure Heaven!!! Just like grape mike and ikes.

Taste: fruity and smooth.

Effects: uplifting and very happy.

Potency: 9/10

Reviewed by: smoke n mirrors

Good Strain For: stress, anxiety, depression, sleep



Strain Type: Sativa

Death Berry

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Death BerryStrain Name: Death Berry

Grade: Death Star x blueberry yum yum

Type: indica dominant

Looks: light green and covered in crystals

Smell: just like berries

Taste: same as it smells. Just like your smoking weed with a tad of jelly in it :)

Effects: Strong, not your get up and around strain. Couch lock and very red eyes even in small doses. Strongest stuff I’ve had besides train wreck.

Potency: 10/10

Reviewed by: smoke n mirrors

Good Strain For: pain, sleep, eating disordes



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Willie Nelson

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Willie NelsonStrain Name: Wille Nelson

Grade: B

Type: Sativa

Looks: light green with orange hairs. Slight purple hue.

Smell: very earthy

Taste: nice and smooth

Effects: clearest head high I’ve ever had.

Potency: Don’t seem very strong at first but once it kicks in, everything is just so much better.

Reviewed by: smoke n mirrors

Good Strain For: running errands, getting things around the house done, a good strain to get you through work.

Strain Type: Sativa

Lemon Skunk

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Lemon Skunk

Strain Name: Lemon Skunk

Grade: A

Type: sativa dominant hybrid

Looks: light and dark green with alot of hairs, and exceptional tri-chome coverage.

Smell: they dont call it skunk for nuthin lol

Taste: very lemony on the inhale, but almost a hashy skuny tase on the exhale

Effects: it’s a creeper,starts in your eyes and before you know it….EUPHORIA

Potency: 9\10

Reviewed by: rynfrmdertylew

Good Strain For: anxiety, depression, m.s., arthritis, chronic pain

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