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Strain Name: Deadman

Grade: C+

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Extremely dark buds with very dark red colored hairs. There is very little crystal formation. The bud is slightly airy to the point were a 1/8 looks like a 1/4.

Smell: Not too pleasing at all it is very herby and harsh smelling which to me seems like there was not much of a curing process. After I ground it up it released a slight orange scent that was pleasing.

Taste: The taste is not to much to brag over either it was slightly orangy but once again the taste of chlorophyll over powers any natural taste the bud could have given off had it been cured properly.

Effects: The high is mostly energetic but very light. Personally I very much like indicas because its sleep and relaxing qualities but this bud just made me want to get up and move. If you have important things to do this is the bud for you although the lightness of the high is hard to get medicated on.

Potency: Lasted 1 to 1-1/2 hours

Reviewed by: Str8bongin


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Golden Goat

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Golden Goat

Strain Name: Golden Goat

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Small dense golden nugs, coated in a thick layer of sticky resinous crystals.

Smell: Smell is like dank and lemony.

Taste: Very citric with a kind of grapefruit twist. Smooth to inhale, but heavy in the lungs.

Effects: This buzz is very potent but mellow, it doesn’t take much to last a long time. Thought processes are clear, but actions are a bit slow, as if my body doesn’t quite know what its doing. Very easy to focus on a given task. Not couch-lock-ish at all. Vision is slightly blurred after moving my eyes. Perceptions seem to be a bit softer, sounds are mellower, lights aren’t so harsh, colors are warmer. This is a very good mix of cerebral and body effects.

Potency: Effects lasted 1.5 – 2.5 Hours.

From: Patient’s Choice of Colorado

Reviewed By: In The Blue

Notes: Increased appetite, accompanied by decreased nausea and stomach pain. As far as medicating, this one does a great job!

golden goat

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Blue Dream

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blue dream

Strain Name: Blue Dream

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid – Sativa Dominant

Looks: Very dense and light with crystals. Almost a light orange since the leaves are so coated and the hairs are all that are there to add more color.

Smell: It does not get any pinier than this.

Taste: The first flavor that hits my mouth and nose is a very stout hashy flavor, this is followed by slightly fruity undertones. The smoke is very thick and heavy, and it expands in your lungs.

Effects: Thought processes are a bit clouded. Its a very comfortable mellow buzz with a nice body buzz. Strangely enough, I don’t feel a whole lot of couch-lock with this bud. This is one of the most euphoric strains I’ve ever smoked.

Potency: Effects lasted 2.5 – 3 hours

From: Patient’s Choice of Colorado

Reviewed By: In The Blue

Notes: Great pain relief from chronic stomach pain, not so great for headaches. My mind is also to active to sleep on this one until the comedown, so don’t take it to knock you out. This one will zone you out. I have had some very long very interesting trains of thought while staring at my wall here. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite strains.

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Strain Name: Blurberry

Grade: B+

Type: Hybrid – Indica Dominant

Looks: Light green and sticky, if something can look sticky. It has small amounts of very thin orange hairs between the crystalline leaves.

Smell: Spicey sweet undertones with very sweet fruity overtones.

Taste: Slightly harsh on the inhale, with the typical blueberry flavor on the exhale with grassy undertones.

Effects: Very good, euphoric, warm, body high. The onset was fairly steady and maxed after about 7 minutes. It causes a tingling sensation in the muscles that is comfortable and warm, like snuggling up in a blanket near a fire on a cold evening. After about 20 minutes a marshmallow man effect is starting to set in. My mind is still relatively clear, although speech and movement seem to be slightly slowed.

Potency: Effects lasted 1.5 hours

From: Patient’s Choice of Colorado

Reviewed By: In The Blue

Notes: This is a great pain medication for chronic bodily pain. It is not much help for headaches, but it helps tremendously with my stomach pains. Also, depending on your energy level, this one may knock you out. So if you are a bit low on energy this will probably finish you off and put you down for the count.

Strain Type: Blurberry, Indica

Island Sweet Skunk

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island sweet skunk

Strain Name: Island Sweet Skunk

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid – 70% Sativa, 30% Indica

Looks: Very bright orange hairs with a dark green bud. Medium density.

Smell: Kind of a tropical skunky scent.

Taste: Very smooth inhale, very hashy flavor on the exhale with earthy undertones.

Effects: This is a very well rounded high. It doesn’t have the strength that something like Afgooey or Top 44 would have, but it is currently my FAVORITE daytime smoke. I am very active but feel very pleasant. It is a bit floaty, and right on the edge of a soaring high. It is also a fairly clear-headed high, which is what makes it so ideal for the daytime.

Potency: Effects lasted 2 hours

From: Patient’s Choice of Colorado

Reviewed By: In The Blue

Notes: Great daytime smoke, very well rounded medical effects, GREAT for stomach pains and headaches.

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Strain Name: Blueberry

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Medium-Dark green buds with some tan-ish orange hairs. Dense nuggets dusted with golden trichomes. Golden overall appearance.

Smell: Hashy with strong hints of fruit/berries, very strong smelling.

Taste: Sweet and skunky, noticeable blueberry taste on exhale. very subtle tastes of coffee.Blueberry gives thick, smooth smoke.

Effects: Goofy initial high, sets in somewhat slowly. this lasts for the first 15-30 minutes. Then the indica shows its face. Starting behind the eyes, heaviness works its way all the way through your body, relieving any pain you might have. Blueberry will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for a long nap by the time shes run her course.

Potency: Medium

Reviewed By: KindBuds

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Strawberry Cough

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strawberry cough pictures

Strain Name: Strawberry Cough

Grade: B+

Type: Hybrid – Sativa Dominant

Looks: Very dense, light to dark green hues, completely covered in trichomes, some orange hairs. Somewhat of a rusty, orange tint to the entire buds.

Smell: Creamy-Berry with a hint of lemon, spices, and skunk.

Taste: Very subtle skunk/berry on the inhale. on the exhale, there is an intense taste of strawberry topping and sweet cream.

Effects: Tickles your throat on the exhale, causing you to cough, which in turn seems to make it set in faster. It is definitely an energetic high. It lets the mind blissfully wander. Definitely a sativa dominant, it promotes clear thoughts and all around happiness, this lasts for about 1-1.5 hours. The comedown is slightly heavy, SC leaves you quite lazy and relaxed by the time it has worn off, especially if it is evening time. This may be accompanied by a mild headache (caused by the coughing).

Potency: Medium-High

Reviewed By: KindBuds

strawberry cough medical marijuana

I Love the fruity berry strains! Great looking buds for sure. Better than most of the strawberry cough(s) I have seen floating around. I would follow up with some strong indica to avoid the coming down headache. -Volcanobis

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Pure Gold

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pure gold

Strain Name: Pure Gold

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid – Indica Dominant

Looks: Bright light green with light orange hairs. Reminds me of a orange yarn blanket the way the orange hairs are so densely populating every square inch of the buds. Lots of crystals. Looks like cinnamon when it’s ground up due to the massive amounts of thick orange hairs. IMO this stuff looks better than it actually tastes and smells.

Smell: Rotten meat and skunk with a dash of lemons. When it’s ground up it almost smells like the cheap little round smoke bombs that are popular around 4th of July. The smell is present when the jar is cracked, and comes out more when it is ground up. It’s not super stinky and not stealth. I’m not really a fan of this type of smell.

Taste: Does not have a distinct flavor. Slight tastes of lemon, vanilla, wood, and an aftertaste of skunk. Smooth thick vapor. Would have rated this strain higher if it was tastier.

Effects: Night time use. This strain leans more to the indica side of it’s genetics. After the first hit you can feel the eyes drooping down low. Couchlock, ripped, dazed, and relaxed feelings. Worked well for increasing appetite, anxiety, insomnia.

Potency: Medium

Reviewed By: Volcanobis


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