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Pot Of Gold

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Pot Of Gold Marijuana

Pot Of Gold

Strain Name: Pot Of Gold

Grade: A

Type: Indica

Looks: View image above. The plant is medium-to-dark green at maturity with dense buds.

Smell: The smell of Pot of Gold is quite strong and funky.

Taste: It taste pretty nice.

Effects: I first tried this strain two years ago which I experienced giggles and a tingly sensation through my body.
The last time I had this strain was in may which I felt an intense high for a couple of hours.

Potency: 2-4 hours or maybe more

Reviewed by: HollowmanJr

Good Strain For: Pot of Gold gives an intense high and is an excellent choice for almost all treatments where medical marijuana is recommended.

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Dawg Daze

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Dawg Daze Marijuana Strain

Strain Name: Dawg Daze ( Chemdawg x Super Silver Haze )

Grade: A++

Type: Indica dominant 70/30

Looks: incredible. Prickly dank dense colas completely covered in sticky trichs

Smell: super potent skunk and lemon piss. Cracked open it releases a sweeter pine skunk resin smell.

Taste: lemony pine goodness and skunk overtones with a throat burning lung expansion
Tastes like silver haze on the exhale

Effects: instand head rush followed by a deep body stone
But doesn’t have a hard couch lock. Even tho it’s a ind. Dom the Sativa still shows as it gives great creativity,and perspective to its users

Potency: 99/100. Awesome. Highly highly recommended

Reviewed by: InGrowingWeTrust

Good Strain For: pretty much all ailments.
I don’t see what this strain wouldn’t be good for.
Although I will add for all you growers,it is a low yielding high maintenance plant.
Requires lots of light and prem nutes. However,well worth it!


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Strain Type: Dawg Daze, Indica

Medical Marijuana


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