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Blue Dream

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Blue Dream

Strain Name: Blue Dream

Grade: A

Type: Sativa

Looks: Frosty looking with a lot of crystal.

Smell: Smells very, very fruity! Kinda like a mixture of Fruit Loops and Soury smell. 9/10

Taste: The taste doesn’t taste like the fruity smell that you get, nore the mixture of its origin strain blueberry, just a light easy hitting smoke.

Effects: The Blue Dream is an instant high that kicks in even more after 5minutes this will uplift you to the sky and not to mention the intensity of the body high that you also get! 9.5/10

Potency: 1.5 – 2 hours

Reviewed by: Daniel J. K

Good Strain For: Party, Kick Back, Exercise

Strain Type: Blue Dream, Sativa

Neville’s Haze

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Neville's Haze

Strain Name: Neville’s Haze

Grade: A

Type: Sativa/Indica Hybrid

Looks: Light green buds with long red brown hair. Tons of crystals throughout the buds looks like it is covered in crystalized sugar.

Smell: Once the bag is cracked the room immediately smells like a skunk got into your spice rack. The nug up close has a sweet tart damp smell. Absolutely amazing makes your mouth water

Taste: The classic marijuana taste until it is covered with a spice smell unlike any other.

Effects: Very Euphoric. Clear Head hight but you can still feel the Indica effects. After a bowl pack i was very energetic and ready to go.

Potency: Extremely potent hard hitting and long lasting

Reviewed by: Scully

Good Strain For: Great smoke to get thinking. Puts you in a good state of mind to go do outdoor activities including rock climbing and long boarding (Personal experience).

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91 Chemdog

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91 Chemdog

Strain Name: 91 Chemdog

Grade: A/Private caregiver

Type: Sativa

Looks: Ginormous medium green buds with dark orange hairs and covered in trichomes. Great example of new school grow techniques and straight up classic genetics.

Photo Taken With: iPhone 4 and digital zoom.

Smell: Ah, skunky octane; there’s a reason the Diesels were an off-shoot of this strain. Forget about keeping it stealthy!

Taste: Just like it smells with lemon-pine finish.

Effects: Very energetic buzz; well suited for daytime use and social activities.

Potency: Strong, lasted about 3 hours on a full load from a Launch Box.

Reviewed by: C Unit

Good Strain For: Daytime use, mild sports (e.g. Golf or PS3) and social activities.

91 Chemdog

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Master x Blackberry

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Master x Blackberry

Strain Name: Master X Blackberry

Genetics: Master Kush x Blackberry Kush

Grade: A to A+

Type: Hybrid-Sativa Dominant?

Looks: Lime green, purple leaves, orange-bronze trichomes, and covered in crystals. Stunning.

Smell: Actually smells like blackberries! Predominately sweet with hints of sour.

Taste: Smooth. Little to no cough on exhale, but has that peppery feeling in the nose. Mostly sweet with a hint of sour.

Effects: Euphoric. Good energy high and just enough to hit the body at the same time. Quite mellow.

Potency: Took two huge rips from a good-sized nug and I felt it almost instantly. Goes straight to the head and down.

Reviewed by: Drew

Good Strain For: Pretty much anything to be perfectly honest. This strain is awesome.

Strain Type: Indica, Master x Blackberry

Ice Queen

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Ice Queen

Strain Name: Ice Queen

Grade: A-

Type: Sativa

Looks: Looks decent. It’s light green but a little bit on the darker side. Has a fair amount of crystals and is more or less condensed. It breaks out well and is not leafy.

Smell: The first smell that comes to mind is tea. I would strongly go with tea and a tid bit of rotten fruit if you smell it long enough.

Taste: Very smooth going in and out. Not too much of heavy smoke so not a whole lot of coughing. Tastes sweet and I want to say fruity but its not.

Effects: Wonderful body high. It is definitely one of the better buds I have smoked. It definitely gives you a relaxing feeling but also energetic and in the mood to do something kind of feeling. Not an ounce of tiredness. But if you want to sleep you most certainly can with this. Again it is a great body high. I would put it next to Sour Diesel for the feeling but not exactly.

Potency: Not as potent as lets say Headband or Avelon but I guess you can say the high lasts for a good 1 hour and 45 minutes maybe 2 hours.

Reviewed by: Maine Vocals Helper

Good Strain For: Relaxing, being in the mood to do something. Its not self draining and it does not make you forget things. You will slow down a bit but its great for the morning especially but great in the afternoon too. Not for night. Unless you are trying to enjoy your evening and not just go to bed after.

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White Widow

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White Widow

Strain Name: White Widow

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Fluffy buds, deep green, covered in a blanket of trichomes with redish-orange hairs sprouting out.

Smell: Strong, but sweet.

Taste: Smooth, sort of fruity taste.

Effects: Smoked in a spoon bowl, crept up on me. Happy, energized high. Kept a good head buzz. Lasted an hour, hour and a half.

Potency: Very potent, all it took was one bowl. I don’t think I need to say anymore.

Reviewed by: MAB

Good Strain For: Appetite, anxiety, depression.

White Widow

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Blue Dream

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Blue Dream

Strain Name: Blue Dream

Grade: A-

Type: Sativa

Looks: Light green with bright orange/yellowish hairs.

Smell: Sweet, floral. Strong but not overpowering

Taste: Smooth, sweet fruity taste

Effects: Uplifting, calm, and motivating. Cerebral high that made me feel like i could just do anything

Potency: 7/10

Reviewed by: Picklator

Good Strain For: Wake and bake, getting things done, relaxing, migraines

Blue Dream

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Ninja Turtle

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Ninja Turtle

Strain Name: Ninja Turtle

Grade: A+

Type: 60% sativa/40% indica

Looks: impressive my fav smoke

Smell: like fruit

Taste: like berrys lots of berrys

Effects: potent little nug that could, and trust me it did just that 10/10

Potency: 10/10

Reviewed by: johndoe

Good Strain For: everyday reminds me totally of green crack, as like a pounded down three red bulls, without heart palpitation’s. some killer green

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Sweet Cheese

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Sweet Cheese

Strain Name: Sweet Seeds Sweet Cheese

Grade: A- weed….. top shelf or above that (private stash)

Type: Indica/Sativa hybrid leaning heavily towards the sativa side…..

Looks: Average size buds and not very dense but covered with a thick layer of crystals. Multi-colors thru-out too- one pheno is more green than the other.

Smell: Fruity and sweet with a hint of berry’s.

Taste: The best tasting weed I’ve ever grown with a mix of berry, fruit, spice and skunk. A+++

Effects: Racey, heart pounding sativa that will keep you up and running for hours. Mostly felt in face and head, light on the body until you’ve smoke too much.

Potency: Quite strong, long lasting and some of the finest all-around smoke you’ll ever come across.

Reviewed by: SSHZ

Good Strain For: Everything but sleep or reducing anxiety. I haven’t found an occasion that I didn’t want to smoke this…… but best for doing light errands or traveling, yardwork, reading and watching tv. If taste is important, this is your keeper!

Sweet Cheese

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