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Sour Diesel IBL

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Sour Diesel IBL

Strain Name: Sour Diesel IBL

Grade: A+

Type: Sativa Dominate.

Looks: Pale green calyx’s and dark green leaves along with manila(off white) and pinkish amber pistils.Coated in trichomes.

Smell: Dang ol’ fuel man. This is pure Diesel, it has no other smell.

Taste: Again this is pure Sour Diesel. No sweet taste no nothing other than a unadulterated taste of fuel. Okay maybe a hint of earthiness in the background. But then again gas comes from petroleum and that comes from the earth. The taste is distinct and acquired. Some like the taste some do not. But everyone loves the effect.

Effects: Intense head and shoulder buzz. This particular strain can even help with sleep for being a sativa. Can leave you feeling a little mellow.

Potency: High. 2 tokes and any vet will call “Uncle”. Last about 2 1/2-3hrs

Reviewed by: Mr.Skunk

Sour Diesel IBL

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L.A. Woman

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Strain Name: L.A. Woman

From: DNA Genetics

Grade: A+

Type: Indica

Looks: Typical green with tons of trichomes.

Smell: Very hashy smell with a bit of a spice kick in the background.

Taste: Hash Hash Hash. Very potent tasty hash really no other taste. It is kind of spicy like the smell but not much.

Effects: Puts you down, very narcotic like buzz. Good for pain and insomnia. Night smoke only.

Potency: 1-2 tokes, done.

Reviewed by: Mr.Skunk

l.a. woman

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Strain Type: Indica, L.A. WomanComments (7)

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