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Super Silver Haze

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Super Silver Haze

Strain Name: Super Silver Haze

Grade: A+

Type: Sativa

Looks: medium foresty-green with bunches of brownish-orange leaves. Fat, dense nugs

Smell: Fruity, sweet. Delicious

Taste: Sweet and smooth like peaches & cream. Not too thick and no bad aftertaste.

Effects: Nice body high & head high. Good for thinking and producing and getting stuff done.

Potency: Strong

Reviewed by: AMB

Good Strain For: talking (deep conversations), thinking, numbness, chilling, creativity

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14 Responses to “Super Silver Haze”

  1. andrei says:

    me and my friend only smoked a bit that we put in fag and we where gigh for soo long and it wass good!! if you want to stay high for a long time then you need super silver haze

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  2. Aluv says:

    Brad42 ….. Go fuck yourself you jackass bigot

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  3. Bretts42085 says:

    Dude relax. I hope this doesn’t offend but I have a running joke with my black friends that sativas don’t work for them. And it’s really about the individuals interpretation of “high” that is important here. In my friends case they are used to mids and that cartel garbage which is a quicker and sometimes hard hitting high but is over in ten minutes. To sum up… People who are new to medical quality chronic, especially blacks who smoke blunts of crap weed, don’t understand what a clean and enjoyable high is like, AIMO

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  4. lovekimkardasianandsourog says:

    Not a big fan of haze….all we get out here in d.c is kush and diesel….haze dnt really do it for me it don’t hit my head like diesel….I jst seen my guy he had mango kush and grandaddy purple….mango kush smelled just like fresh mangos but I had to get the half oz of gdp…guess what I’m tryna say fuk silver haze maybe silver kush 3)

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    Kronicjay Reply:

    I rarely log in just to chew someone out. but you sound like an ignorant wannaba of a “smokeditall” street stoner, and im sure you don’t actually have the connoisseurship to make harsh comments about such a wonderful strain. My super silver haze is my collectives highest rated house bud,FOR it’s potency and energetic properties. After comes the purple kush and then sour diesel(much to my surprise, diesel all the way!) Not only that, but mySSH cola for cola produces more resin and therefore is likely to produce more thc. I guess what i;m saying is i hope you can find someone to grow it right =/
    But don’t rage on the Haze.

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  5. Kronicjay says:

    I just finished a batch of SSH, and it’s my favorite strain for a reason. It has a potent, speedy and euphoric high with a strong,sweet piney smell. And with a 53 day flowering time, what’s not to love? I have a hard time with pain and sleep even with good medicine but I’ll be out like a light tonight. Holy shit.

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  6. Jim Beam says:

    Hi there.. Super Silver Haze is a hybrid cross combining Skunk, Nothern Lights, and Haze. It makes one giggly, happy, thoughtful, creative, and somewhat trippy feeling.. Trully a very special strain, enjoy…

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  7. MenacingVitamin says:

    I just got some of this…out of all the reviews, mine looks most like this one reviewed here. Haven’t had a chance to toke it yet, but I was curious what’s in the strain?? or is it just a pure Sativa?

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  8. AMB says:

    I should have given this weed an A+. After finishing the batch that I had and moving on to a different strain, I realized how much I loved this weed. Truly makes you feel like a child again. One of my favorite strains for sure.

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    Volcanobis Reply:

    Updated the grade for you. :)

    I always do that too. I realize how much I really like one batch when I’m down to the last few nugs or once I run out and move on to something new.

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  9. Brian says:

    I just got my hands on some SSH lastnight. It looks and taste beautiful. Great motivator, nice high. Top 5 on my list.
    From Dallas, TX

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  10. dutchbudsmoker says:

    A very good sativa with a heavenly taste and smell and a happy high which takes me back to the good times in my childhood, yes it made me feel like a little boy again:D

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  11. lilstash says:

    Had some really good SSH all white not like those pictures, I personally gave mine an A+ at least

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  12. Herbman says:

    It’s a nice weedy , I once smoked it and it made my whole day good. it makes u feel like ur a child again.

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