Strain Type | Indica, Sour Skywalker OG

Sour Skywalker OG

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sour skywalker og

Strain Name: Sour Skywalker OG or Sour Sky OG

Genetics: (Sour D x Skywalker OG) x Skywalker OG)

Grade: A++

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Like an enchanted green forest with an almost unexplained dark green color. Like many of the OGs, tangled with the rich and ravishing orange trichomes. Almost as if a spider weaved them. Some purple manages to hit the peripheral of the eye, and is also incredibly dense. I always love to hold this strain in my hand, like if it were as valuable as gold.

Smell: Like a lemon! Literally. At first scent, feels like you are inhaling a lemon car freshner, but the more you ingest you receive that funky dirt aroma. A pleasant smell one might love to bask in. Pungent and Dank.

Taste: A small sour citrus burst with a dash of fruit. It’s almost like a candy, maybe like one of those lemonheads, or sourheads. Either way, this strain is the only strain I have ever tasted with such a distinct lemon twist. Although, the aftermath may leave you with that same sour pucker.

Effects: Fans of Skywalker are going to want to try this one. On your first exhale, eyelids will immediately drop! You begin to feel the wondrous sting/buzz in the back of the brain stem. Slowly goes through that head high, but by the second hit, the feeling will descend all the way to the toes. One might start to feel the sour diesel effects of the strain first, but it continues on to have that pleasurable skywalker euphoria. It may seem like a night time use, but it actually works well during the day. I was more than focus on my tasks, and was able to enjoy some movies as the sun rolls down. You can’t go wrong with this fine rare delicacy.

Potency: 100/100 This is the tippy top of top shelf. A long lasting 2 hours. Rare strain, only found a few dispensaries here in the Los Angeles area that actually sell it, but California always manages to provide the goods, no problem.

Reviewed by: HighCrow

Good Strain For: Muscle Relaxer, Euphoria, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Stress, Back Pain, and overall a bewildering time.

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3 Responses to “Sour Skywalker OG”

  1. jdub says:

    was lucky enough to get a gram of this at my local dispensary! this shit is the bomb! taste extremely sour!! had me blowed for hours!! love this stuff! one of my top five favorites forsure!! A2 MI

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  2. ThatCrow says:

    Glad to see others enjoying it :)

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  3. JARED says:

    We have some awesome Meds that are just waiting for you. They have been grown indoors. give top of the line nutes. Bombarded under HID’s. Kept in a CO2 enriched atmosphere.
    These meds will meet all your needs & keep you asking for
    Mile High Club (sativa dominant hybrid from ATF & Skywalker OG) 250 z / 450 qp / 850 hp/Units $1900
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    I will only deliver up to how much your current rec states so do not ask for more. I will verify you before we meet up. Must bring current rec & ID with you.
    I deliver within USA,Best way to reach me is via cell or text at (415) 735-6899

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