Strain Type | Sativa, Sour Grape

Sour Grape

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Sour Grape

Strain Name: Sour Grape

Grade: A

Type: Sativa

Looks: Dark green, Thick orange hairs

Smell: Sweet and danky

Taste: Sweet on the Inhale keep it in for a few seconds and u will cough alot

Effects: Uplifting, Chill

Potency: A+

Reviewed by: Brock

Good Strain For: Relaxing

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5 Responses to “Sour Grape”

  1. lovekimkardasianandsourog says:

    Just picked up a 7th of this sour grapes its really good smoke a joint of it this morning and was active allday until 8pm now about to twist up some in a grape swisher sweet 3)

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  2. Marinez says:

    ndoor hydro meds Super silver haze, $1200 HP ,Full Units $2000 donation. It is a great sativa has a sweet smell. Blue dream $1200 HP, Full Units $2000 donation. Its a hybrd thats more sativa also has a good nose. both are great day time use meds. all meds are pest & disease free. have your REC ready text or call 805-330-1522

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    Any donations requested are only compensation for time, nutrients,electricity costs and other factors involved in the process of producing and delivering medical grade AA++ marijuana and not toward the sale or purchase of the medicine.

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  3. Kindest Meds says:

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    Meet Legit Shope . Super Lemon Haze,OG Kush, Big FROSTY, dense nugs with a LOUD GRAPE smell and taste. Grape 48 (Nirvana AK-48 x Seedsman Purple Bud x Purple Kush) was grown hydroponically from seed, flushed for 10 days, trimmed tight and cured in glass jars. Great meds for chronic pain, loss of appetite, stress or insomnia.

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  4. 420 VENDOR CALI says:

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  5. 420 VENDORS says:

    We Got 6 Top Very strong very loud smell kush , I crop every 28 days always fresh Not leafy No shake No seeds No bugs No mold All buds Super smelly clears the room

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