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Strain Name: Snowcap

Grade: B-

Type: Sativa

Looks: The bud is extremely light green at least from what i can tell from under the vast amount of crystals that take up the entire outer coating. Unlike some extremely crystally strains it has a lot of very light peach colored hairs that bulge out of the nug. All the nugs are extremely dense so much so the 1/8th looked like a gram and i had to ask the people at the dispensary if they had calibrated there scale lol.

Smell: The smell is very sweet and strong. It also has a bit of a wet dog smell that is very interesting. This is a room reaker and it will radiate out of any container.

Taste: The taste is quite mild but lingers. It is skunk like with a hint of high octane gasoline. It doesn’t overpower at all and doesn’t last the entire life of the bowl. once a couple of hits are taken the grunt of the taste is gone and it more and more begins to just taste cashed.

Effects: The high is light and in my opinion short lived. Its very up but and cerebral in the beginning but it VERY soon calms way down and it is just a buzz from there on out. I suppose it would be a great strain for anti- anxiety because of its calm light quality. This bud is not great for my knee pain or insomnia so it is not the greatest medicine for myself but it is a good calm smoke.

Reviewed by: str8bongin

snowcap medical marijuana

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20 Responses to “Snowcap”

  1. Doodoostain lookin muthafucka says:

    Man idk what this guys talkin about I mean shit I smoked a couple grams to myself like 2.5 or 3.0 I think 3.0 I got high like all up and shit the sativa side then I got calm could barley stand all slump over in a wooden chair and u know just chill but when I got home man I feel asleep so quick like it put me out man the Indica side was preety nice i barely remember anything cause it hit me hard this strain must’ve had a good thc or cbd levels this guy who posted this must’ve got it off a bum or someone who dosnt know how to grow cause I liked it

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  2. Missy says:

    I have some of this now and this is the best bud I have gotten my hands on in a longggggg time! It’s definitely a sativa (head high) that last hours but you can still get stuff done. I tried to eat my high down and it still wouldn’t go away. I don’t think that a B- does it justice either.

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    Doodoostain lookin muthafucka Reply:

    dam u know whats up. It was some good shit I got I rate it a- or a mostlikly a I liked it I forget last night alot shit got me kyed

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  3. Waveomatic says:

    Definitely not a B- for me, this strain has A+ potential, right now I have one that tested over 24% with SC Labs. If you have had a REALLY good batch of this, you know what I mean. Great cerebral motivational speaking music loving go out and enjoy the world type of smoke. Even great for a thought provoking late night movie. Works great for anxiety and some pains, stress, and for appetite.

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    Doodoostain lookin muthafucka Reply:

    Yep fuckn nice I loved it I didn’t know it was that high % I was like dam I smoked maby 14 15 bowls I was gone I don’t remember walking quarter mile home. That b- need to be A

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  4. oneguy says:

    Medical users differ from recreational ones in that a medical user will find the strains that suit their ailment(s) and find the right amount to suit their personal MEDICAL needs. If you listen to the majority of comments here this is obviously an “A” strain. You should definently employ at least 3 medical users with DIFFERING ailments to rate the SAME strain!

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  5. Jay says:

    I agree with you %100 you were pretty dead in about this strain. It is def a B-
    Don’t get me wrong. I like it for free. But I would much rather have so many better ones out there. For light weights and first timers it could be the perfect strain. Very light and mellow. But I am an most of my friends are more into the knock outs so this one just makes for a great cocktail. Mix it up with your knock outs and adds a nice affect. :) enjoy.


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  6. Chaching says:

    B-? Not in my book. Just got my package today and it is amazing! I’ve got energy and I’m in a fantastic mood. Neck pain? Gone.

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  7. jenn says:

    I’m gettin a once any min now I can almost not wait. Snow cap its a snowy Christmas for me in the sunshine state.

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  8. Nate says:

    what is a good strain for anxiety, I suffer from ptsd Post traumatic stress disorder and have panic attacks.

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    oneguy Reply:

    maybe try flo if you can’t find it try a 50/50 mix indica/sativa strain and fine-tune from there. find a good dispensary and the people there will help you. apple has a free app from hightimes to find the nearest one!
    good luck.

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  9. Rob says:

    This Review is whack! Snowcap won 3rd place at 2011 medical cannabis cup for Sativas. It is a great strain! It is very strong for a sativa and runs for awhile as the guy in the dispensary said it has legs! Lol. This flower has a great piney citrus taste

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    Doodoostain lookin muthafucka Reply:

    Yea I agree this guy got some shit from Mexico or something this guys tripping I’m bought to buy a an ounce and get medicated

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  10. queengreenmachine says:

    When reading these reviews, please keep in mind, every batch of a strain will differ from the next based on its cultivation process, nutrients used, curing techniques, etc… Also keep in mind some of these dispensaries simply name their flowers at their discretion. Its possible what youre smoking isnt even what you think it is. Regardless, every review will be unique, as every flower is complex & unique…just like a female ;)

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    Doodoostain lookin muthafucka Reply:

    True what this person said but I got a nice on it was preety good

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  11. Yahtzee says:

    I suspect this reviewer doesn’t have Snowcap.. not just because the statement about lack of potentcy or length of high. I’m from the Pacific Northwest where this strain originates. It’s sweet piney/citrus dank. Fave amoung many of my fellow growers/smokers. I love the taste and smell…top 3 strain in that category. Plus my pheno type doesn’t flower like bud in photo, close but different. If you’ve had the real deal, you won’t ever allow someone to rate it a B+. Just saying..

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  12. Chels Agin xoxo says:

    it’s obviously an upper, being a sativa (very strong, if I do say so myself). I don’t think a B- does Snow Cap justice. my girlfriend an I just purchased a half and it’s bomb bud friends ;)

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  13. Lung says:

    I also disagree. I have some Cap right now and, it was a long high for me, and a very nice cerebral effect. Definitely not a B-.

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  14. BIGd says:

    I don’t agree with you on it being a ‘light’ high. It lasted a while for me, and allowed me to get stuff done and be pretty dazed.

    Not recommended for pain, as it is a sativa. In high quantities, a heavy hitter.

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  15. RT says:

    You should probably get some Indica or a very good hybrid, it helps WONDERS with knee pains :)

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