Snoop’s Master Kush

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Snoop's Master Kush

Strain Name: Snoop’s Master Kush

Grade: A+

Type: Indica

Looks: Dense, medium green diamond nuggets entangled by radiant red-orange trichomes. It is really appealing to me, and it was like love at first sight. The THC crystals manage to show if you shine some light on it. Snoop could not have grown it better himself, a really wonderful looking strain.

Smell: Sweet and spicy! Still, sawdust manages to crawl it’s way in there, but overall it is a great smell. Still has the bewildering scent of pine, kush, and skunk.

Taste: Like lemon, pine, and sawdust mixed into one delicious concoction.

Effects: My Experience: I am a novice I would say, when I took a good hit, my eyes immediately lowered to the point where I started squinting. It attacked my cerebral area first before it was able to reach the rest of my body. It goes nice and slow down your spine, reaching your inferior area. I was really focus on my writing, and was able to walk around, but with a sag. Almost like a Snoop Dogg Walk. It is really pleasant when you have your head stoned, and your body buzzed.

My Friend’s Experience: A more expert smoker. He was able to get some work done around his house, but he walked like I did, with a sag. You really don’t know how you will walk when you take a hit of this. He is a skateboard maker, and was able to make some amazing visual designs while he was high with this strain. He had the same effect on his eyes as I did.

Overall, this strain is top notch stuff. Whenever you want to have a good time, whether by yourself or with a group of friends, this strain is highly recommended. Your brain will feel like it is hovering your body, a massive head high.

Potency: 8.9/10 Although it is not very potent, it is still top shelf indida, You do not want to miss out! It was originated here in Southern California. Make sure to grab some when you stop by.

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Good Strain For:
Pain reliever, calms the brain, euphoria, raises appetite, creativity, head stone, relaxation & focusing, rapping, ideas, and great times.

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3 Responses to “Snoop’s Master Kush”

  1. SwedishChef231 says:

    Ok. I don’t really understand how people function during the day on Snoops Master. For me, its the best insomnia cure I have ever tried. I’ve battled insomnia for years in the past. I’ve tried ambien, hypnosis, all kinds of stuff. The only things that have helped is constant tiring exercise and Snoop’s Master. When I take about 4 hits of this-I better find a bed quickly–because I’ll literally be asleep in 30 minutes. The best part is the next day I don’t feel medicine head or droggy. It seems to pass through my system and 7 hours later I’m awake and I feel well rested. I think Michael Jackson would still be here if he had just consulted snoop about his sleeping problems!! Anyway, I know everyone’s body is different–but if you have problems sleeping I would encourage you to try this stuff. However, I couldn’t imagine smoking this stuff and trying to get ANYTHING done!!

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  2. Bretts420 says:

    Hey look another fake strain from a rap song! Ur a tool, people like you don’t deserve to be associated with growing this magnificent plant. Usuck douche bag!

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    fight-loc Reply:

    You are clueless. Snoop personally directed the light nutrient fert and all growing tricks. There alot of fake smk but if you seen how the few qualified growers raise it you see its unlike any weed or high, You sir are a dumb-dick, so chill an quit bein so hateful.

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