Strain Type | Hybrid, Indica

Skywalker OG

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Skywalker OG

Strain Name: Skywalker OG

Grade: A+

Type: 60/40 Indica Hybrid

Looks: A) In short….this is weed porn! Light fluffy green with tons of orange

Smell: A+) A very fragrant sweet smell and skunky/earthy burn.

Taste: A+) Again; A very distinct taste. Depending on method of ingestion (I used a spoon pipe then ATTEMPTED to smoke a blunt), it can be a little harsh. Taste is very sweet on inhale and tangy on the exhale.

Effects: A) This strain, if taken medicinally, will give you a very nice body high. However, if you decide to rip a bong, expect couch lock!

Potency: A+) Effects are felt immediately. Lasts 2 ½ to 3 hrs.

Reviewed by: Alexander Young

Good Strain For: This is a good strain for Stress, Pain, Anxiety, Any form of Depression, and if you choose to rip the hell out of this strain, your insomnia is gone.

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7 Responses to “Skywalker OG”

  1. Alexander Young says:

    This stuff gave me a bit of couch lock. And some real noticible lack of appetite.


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