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Sharks Breath

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sharks breath

Strain Name:
Sharks Breath.

Grade: B+

Type: Indica/Sativa Hybrid 70/30 I Believe.

Looks:A very dark green, covered with furry trichomes, orange/red hairs can be seen deeply in the buds through the trichomes.

Smell:This is not a great smelling strain. It is not very strong smelling either. Oddly enough it smells a little like seafood, and skunk mixed together.

Taste: Taste is similar to the smell, Definitely not something with a spectacular flavor, But its good, and more than tolerable.

Effects: This is where she shines, Hits you like a freight train right out of the gate. The first bong rip of this I took, I nearly blacked out.. The rush was great. Definitely some high THC in this strain ! Very nice Indica mellowed buzz, No couchlock at all, Its a very active buzz, but very internal… Great strain to zone into a video game, or good movie, cuz your really in your own little world for a few hours.

Potency: This is definitely one of the stronger strains going, and if grown properly, this can be a one hitter quitter. I give it a 9/10 for potency.

Reviewed by: Jester

Good Strain For:
Relaxation, Films, Writing, Music, Creativity, Deep thoughts.

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4 Responses to “Sharks Breath”

  1. Leslie Wetter says:

    OG Kush works wonders on epiltpsy. Lamictal wasn’t effective enough my neurolgist suggested a strain. I decided enough is enough is enough. I found a strain that works great on my seizures. It did not work for my other physical ailment-arthritis, chronic pain relief. I might try G13. But OGKush has worked wonders.

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  2. BigBudAl says:

    I bought a strain from a medical Marijuana Dispensary in Canada and it was a strain of Sharks Breath crossed with OG Kush.
    Absolutely fabulous I gave it a 10/10 andI am not easily plesed

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