Strain Type | Sativa, Sensativa


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Strain Name: Sensativa

Grade: A

Type: Sativa

Looks: Fluffy, lots of red fabric

Smell: Fruity

Taste: Like an orange or something along those lines. I vaped it.

Effects: Strong head high. Then got very sleepy

Potency: 8/10

Reviewed by: The Scandal

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3 Responses to “Sensativa”

  1. Packa Bowle says:

    should called this strain Mexo Shawag, nasty def bottom shelf, if you payed more you got low-balled, too much a hashy taste, my caregiver has 45+strains. he traded for this strain straight up gave me a half ounce so hard to get rid of it most my fellow card holders(friends) rate this -10

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    The Scandal Reply:

    Not sure what you smoked. But that is not at all what I smoked. This stuff got me extremely high.

    I would have to give it a close similarity to AK 47. Stuff smells so great. Def not mexican swag (i know cuz my family friend grows this for patients). Top grade strain.

    When I bought this, I also bought purple haze, ak 47, granddaddy purp, bubba kush, and sour d. All great strains, so this strain is no mexicrap.

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