Strain Type | Indica, Raspberry Kush

Raspberry Kush

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Strain Name: Raspberry Kush

Grade: B+

Type: Indica

Looks: Light green buds with lots of glittery trichomes. Long straight red hairs. Very small hints of purple from leaf ends (if any).

Smell: Sweet and fruity, with skunky undertones.

Taste: Sweet and clean after taste. Very smooth.

Effects: Daytime use. Very nice head high with a light to moderate body buzz. Light munchies.

Potency: 2-3 hours.

Reviewed by: ChiefReviews

Good Strain For: Headache. Doin stuff. Appetite.

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13 Responses to “Raspberry Kush”

  1. Niki Fifer says:

    wow!the grade on this strain is off!!!this strain grown in Oregon gets an A++.the “Kushes” that come out of Oregon are outrages!!!the “Raspberry kush”,if grown right,can be a very potent strain.I just don’t agree with the grade of a B.who ever graded this strain has NOT had a good grown plant to sample.I give it an A++(the strain I grow in Oregon)!!!

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    Cody Reply:

    Definitely not a B strain. I agree with you there. It is dense but breakable and it is covered in crystals and hairs

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    D Smokey Smoke Reply:

    I agree with this. I live in Texas and pretty much everything I smoke now comes out of Oregon or somewhere in the emerald triangle and out of the 200+ strains I’ve smoked this is easily top 10 out ofall of them, maybe even top 5. Nothin beats any strain out Northern Cali/Southern Oregon. Y’all know what y’all are doin keep it up.

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  2. Does anybody know where to get some in Metro-Detroit are of MI? I love raspberries, and kush!!
    Stay Blazed!

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  3. dr.grow says:

    looks like outdoor in pic mine look 100 times better and i get purple and pink in it

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  4. Cody says:

    So I smoked two bowls with my girlfriend out of a bong. It is definitely an A+ strain. The sex is amazing during this high and sleep is fantastic. I got minor munches but that’s expected. Great body high and the comedown isn’t bad. No headaches or anything. Pain is completely absent during this high too. Amazing strain

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  5. Michael says:

    Raspberry kush is one of my favorite strains and my grower has been perfecting it for years now! It has about a 24%ps$ thc level. Ive only seen it in portland, OR. A++ forsure.

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  6. Jack says:

    A great strain, just picked up an ounce of dis shit and it’s fantastic, ur right, the stuff from oregons great. It’s funny how everyone on here is from Oregon!! I love it herd

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  7. Chris says:

    I personaly have to say that this is the worst picture of the Raspberry i have ever seen. (if it really is the Raspberry Kush) I will work on getting you a real pic in

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  8. rashweed walleyes says:

    lookin forward to growin it! oregons the best!

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  9. dankmaster says:

    Raspberry kush is A++ all the way. One small bowl of this stuff will fuck up even the most experienced smoker. Great high followed by mellow chill and sleepy time. Perfect for sex before bed.

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