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Purple Urkle

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Strain Name: Purple Urkle

Grade: A+ Medical Indica Hybrid “T.M.”

Type: Mostly Indica very very dense hash plant

Looks: Ridiculous, Weird, Green and Purple Doo Doo Droppings Rolled in Orange Hair Fuzz, Mutant, Dense and WONDERFUL!!!

Smell: A faint fruity smell

Taste: A fruity berry blue flavor

Effects: Euphoric drunken PAIN OBLITERATING”do not operate vehicle/machinery”giddy fun relaxing Body High stoney groove good before bed medicine 2.5hrs

Potency: 9/10

Reviewed by: hottpotat0

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21 Responses to “Purple Urkle”

  1. 707baysmoker says:

    Dis stuff in the pic looks nothing like purple urkle. This looks like shit dick rocks rolled in saffron

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  2. Dee says:

    This strain will render the patient almost paralytic. It would make good a good anesthetic.
    It will put you down and when (if!) you awaken, you’ll be looking for the long,missing hours that were lost while unconcious.

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  3. this guy says:

    How much would this go for a gram?

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  4. bud masta says:

    Gave me a really good high. Just made me paranoid af. I thought i heard sirens but I didn’t haha.

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  5. BudzABustinoutallover says:

    Yea!!! Buddy!!! I want some!

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  6. bo says:

    why is everyone towlie?

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  7. jdub says:

    purple erkle is one of my favorites and ive had it numerous times but i can say i have never seen it like the picture up there.. but its a moster! taste and smells like sex on the beach!! top 5 forsure!

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  8. Knuckleheadx91 says:

    Did I do that?…No seriously I want to do that.

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  9. Tokenstein says:

    Damn straight that shit is weird. I need some ASAP.

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  10. Weedstagramz says:

    Purple urkle is great!!!!! SEE What Everyone is raving about check out the one and only social networking site!!!! social network site for bud smoker

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  11. Jerome says:

    anybody has advice on what i can use to enhace memory??

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  12. Jerome says:

    its a great website …. i need some advice on what i can use for remembering i tend to forget !!

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  13. James Bakerj says:

    shit!Thats not what colfax sold as purp urkle,mine barely worked. wasn,t anywhere near as nice as that ganja looks,those a-oles fer mis-reping a strain.!!!

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  14. Call me Mr. Toasty! says:

    That looks quite tasty!

    Have it…..I will!

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  15. raging_stoner says:

    You’re a towel!

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  16. Hannah says:


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  17. hottpotat0 says:

    yes holy fuzzy nuggits!

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  18. Selig says:

    my god…its almost entirely orange hairs…

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  19. Buggins says:

    Is there anywhere in Canada where I can get a clone?? I heard this is great for stomach pains and appetite increases, but it’s clone only right?

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  20. Gravy says:

    Man, I have had some A+ purple urkle (hydro, from CO I think)but it’s never been red like that. It looks GREAT. However, the stuff I’ve had is purple where yours is red. Plus it tastes like Blueberry Morning Cereal with a strong hint of purple

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    jj Reply:

    its purple look closer, and the red is just the hairs all over it.

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