Strain Type | Purple Power, Sativa

Purple Power

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Purple Power

Strain Name: Purple Power

Grade: A

Type: Sativa

Looks: Dark Purple, almost black Nugs with dark green and orange hairs throughout. The nugs are fluffy and covered in crystals

Smell: sweet and fruity

Taste: The taste is flavorful with sweet and tangy on the exhale. If purple had a taste this would be it.

Effects: Dreamy effect last for a few hours them leaves your body with a mellow ending. Overall moderate high

Potency: 7/10

Reviewed by: Scully

Good Strain For: Best strain for WAKE AND BAKE

Purple Power

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6 Responses to “Purple Power”

  1. me says:


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  2. Allyssa says:

    I have this and it really looks burnt lol black seed and the weed is real dark well I hope it’s as good as it says it is ;)

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    Talentz Reply:

    I have a gram right now.. Really nice calming high.. Its medical so ur not retarded but its strong as shit.. Mines grinded up it looks light green inside with purple all over ahah

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  3. pothead says:

    that purple bud looks very unappetizing to me lol

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  4. the all mighty basil says:

    i think some one screwed up the bud you smoked!!! looks more like jamacian

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  5. carlos says:

    volar volar

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