Strain Type | Indica, Purple Kush

Purple OG

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Purple OG Marijuana Strain

Strain Name: Purple kush

Grade: Mucho strongo

Type: Indica 80% – sativa 20%

Looks:  Fucking epic, it’s covered in thick orange
Hairs and has botches of purple slapped onto it
The THC is very visible, it’s practically sugar coated.

Smell: Pretty fantastic, 9/10 in my books. It has a strong
kush smell as well as some more pungent phenotypes
that words can’t do justice for.

Taste: Awesome, it doesn’t have a strong kush taste
but it is a pretty smooth and chill taste – again
It’s unexplainable. Tastes like purple

Effects: It’s awesome, it’s like an ak47 head high with a huge
indica buzz. The waves of euphoria take you over completely
As you slip into the dream-like high. The best part about this hybrid
Is that you get the best of both worlds, a strong indica high
With sativa energetic affects. Awe man it’s great.

Potency: 10/10 mix it with kief/hash/extracts if you want to go to space.

Reviewed by: Curt
Good Strain For: just about everything, it’s a hybrid.
Also you can do daily activities as you please.

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