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Purple Kush

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purple kush

Strain Name: Purple Kush

Grade: A-

Type: Indica

Looks: Purpppppple! Hairy, Lots of crystals

Smell: Dank. Like Kush.

Taste: Very good, as it smells.

Effects: Sleeeepy. Lots of body, this is for night.

Potency: Heavy, lots of THC

Reviewed by: Kenji

purple kush

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17 Responses to “Purple Kush”

  1. Joshua Mootoo says:

    itz so wonderful made me feel so excited relieves my stress and help me forqet all my problems sorry my girlfriend neha i love this purple kush and im usinq it to make me feel happy,excited and eurphia

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  2. Frostyd says:





    and another who just smoked some

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  3. lovekimkardasianandsourog says:

    That’s not purple kush that’s like a purple urkel or grape ape or sumthen crossed with those strains…. and the top pic looks like gods gift a little I got 2 grams of purple kush right now its a darker green with purple hairs smoked a bblunt this morning and almost called out of work ..I usually just smoke on the sour diesel or strawberry og kush them are my b4 work medz…purple kusk will have you stuck lookiing at the wall for 25 min happen to me a couple times….

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  4. Paulie Piff says:

    I was told its GDP but im in ny sooo I d k if it could be

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    TheClutchMan Reply:

    Its called medical marijuana not pot

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  5. Paulie Piff says:

    Is there any way to put pics of bud on here cuz idk what i got sooo I kinda need help

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  6. kalob says:

    I live in San Diego Cali
    have a 215 Card
    just bought an ounce of purple kush
    so good
    smoked many strains for many years
    I have to say this has a very nice stone to it
    super kush taste with hints of sorta grape-e-candyie hahalol
    so good
    Out here we have an abundance
    of great strains

    We wont get into our OG s lol

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  7. Towel says:

    Yeah that picture is not purple kush at all. With that said I have some purple kush right now that rolls the best tasting spliffs I’ve ever had. Even better than the kind of medical that smells like fruity pebbles

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  8. purple smoker says:

    Purple kush is a great strain I smoke lots of it nd I gotta say one of my favorites

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  9. matt mernagh says:

    purple kush is an awesome marijuana strain. great marijuana review. what medical condition is purple kush good for? i toke it for pain.

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  10. GuyWhoIsSmokingPurpleRightNow says:

    Depends on environmental conditions, I find. I know people who have turned whole crops purple by surprise when their conditions got cold enough. The heavy purple color is not generally a good sign, tho … but it is gimmicky. I met people in Cali growing it purple because it sells *shrugs*

    I have never once heard of someone smoking grape infused weed LOL! Its good not to run with the wrong crowd I guess :)

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    hindukushinmylungs Reply:

    bam someone with a head on there shoulders. yes cold growing can be done indoors also:) its more of a bag appeal.

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  11. bighill says:

    This is not true purple kush, this is obviously some thing out of cali with some GDP in it.. let me guess grape taste?

    Not real purple kush.

    Reapl PK has HINTS of pruple when you break the buds up, it also has an unreal dank smell skunk/haze with coffe beans to it. It taste like it smells. DANK.

    The TRUE actual purple KUSH is almost a pure kush, when you grow it, it has massive stems huge dinner plate size leaves that are thicker than a few inches wide.. Grape is the dead give away you were sold som fake.

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    stealurface Reply:

    i def agree with this..every batch of purple kush i had was not purple on the outside..very strong coffee bean smell. excellent strain if thats actually what you are getting

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    Busta Hoopa Reply:

    I’ve also seen this around i believe…the variety I sampled was actually a Purple Kush x Mr. Nice which gave it a mildly spicy flavor, peppery. The plant grew like an Indica, but produced nice, firm, Kush-like nuggets that were always hit and miss on potency. When done right, honestly some of my favorite afternoon smoke. Does this sound at all familiar?

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    wishIwashi Reply:

    the PK i had had a lot of purple buds visible without breaking up
    it was lighter though and more subtle, i didnt even notice it until i decided to actually inspect my buds

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