Strain Type | Purple Haze, Sativa

Purple Haze

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Purple Haze

Strain Name: Purple Haze

Grade: A

Type: Sativa dominant hybrid.

Looks: Pale, light green buds that sparkle. An abundance of orange hairs. Compact and very dense nuggets. There’s not much purple, but this medicine wasn’t exposed to cooler temperatures.

Smell: Slightly sour fruit…a little bit like sweet red grapefruit.

Taste: Expansive and tangy. Sativa smooth. Tickles in the nose and tangy on the exhale. More of a “purple” taste than smell.

Effects: Quick and long-lasting head buzz. Uplifting – lots of energy and good vibes with a little bit of an increase in heart rate, but no jittery feeling. Slightly psychedelic effect. Put on some good music and clean the house.

Potency: High

Reviewed by: brokensun

Good Strain For: Depression. ADD. House cleaning.

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15 Responses to “Purple Haze”

  1. Alexis says:

    i would like to try this one. i have depression and anxiety and would like to see if medical marijuana could help

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    Jacky Reply:

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  2. robert says:


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  3. Gary says:

    What strain is best fro concentration with ADD

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  4. Maurice says:

    We are selling just the best Cannabis,The Greatest Sativa Strains,The Greatest Indica Strains,The Greatest Hybrid Strains.
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  5. lisa says:

    What is the best strain for bone cancer pain

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  6. Ryan888 says:

    Hello guys ! Definitely We got new favorites kush, very potent,great smelling,the smoke has a great sweet taste to match The high level of enjoyable and uplifting,focused feeling and Happiness our strains gives Energetic,Euphoric,Creativity,deep thinking and good time with friends!!! Great daytime strain…If interested send me a SMS +1408-658-8948 ,Please only serious dudes..

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  7. hugh says:

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  8. Marinez says:

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    Haze,Durban Poison,Maui Waui,Lemon Haze and Girls Scout Cookies, Etc.
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