Strain Type | Sativa

Purple Diva

Purple Diva

Strain Name: Purple Diva

Grade: A+


Looks:Purple orange strains

Smell:Skunk mixed with grape and a hint of citrus and cat piss, the smell can usually be detected a block away if smoked.

Taste:You will notice a lemon grape with a sort of a gas extract similar to a motor running fantastic(but in a good way)but surprisingly the smoke will leave a blueberry and bubble gum taste in your mouth.

Effects:Usually makes the most experience smoker cough. Its a high that creeps up on you and gives you a headband high for the first hour then you get a reliving feeling when the high trickles down to the body.

Potency:Very effective A+

Reviewed by: Weed Geek

Good Strain For:Stress, Depression,chronic Pain

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2 Responses to “Purple Diva”

  1. keshia says:

    damn can i place a order lol

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  2. 420DANK says:

    Damn that looks nice!! I want seeds for them! :D

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