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Pure Power Plant

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Pure Power Plant

Strain Name: Pure Power Plant

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid – Indica Dominant

Looks: Very dense buds. Dull Light green with light orange hairs that wrap all around the buds like spider legs. Lots of crystals that add a white tint to the entire nugs.

Smell: Hint of wood combined with a hint of vanilla and musk , and a hint of ham lunch meat with a slight touch of orange. When it’s in a jar you can barley smell it, the smell comes out more when it’s ground up. Very stealthy smell.

Taste: Almost tasteless with a slight touch of musk and vanilla. Very smooth. Puts out thick vapors that are not harsh on the throat or lungs. Would have gave this strain an (A) if there was more of a distinct taste.

Effects: Night Time Use. Powerful stoned effect. Couchlock depending on the amount ingested. Makes the eyes droop down. Anti-anxiety and relaxed feelings. No munchies. Definitely indica dominant.

Potency: Medium

Reviewed By: Volcanobis

Pure Power Plant Cannabis Medical Marijuana

Pure Power Plant Bud

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12 Responses to “Pure Power Plant”

  1. Potstar3005 says:

    Forget about PPP. This isn’t even pot!

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  2. Duvol says:

    Pure Power Plant is not Power Plant. Pure Power Plant is indica dominant.
    Power Plant is sativa dominat.

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  3. DreamSmoker says:

    I have to say those pics are sick and lame at best to show PPP…
    I have grown this strain all this year as it is not couch lock but a Super high that you can go out and do work in the yard with.. No drowsy hang over either..
    Its one of my best strains ever..

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  4. seymoure says:

    I will agree that this isn’t PPP.

    However you guys arguing about sativa vs male genotype need to understand that it’s a F1 hybrid and both sativa and indica phenos will show up. I’ve gone through at least 3 packs of this stuff and have had plants ranging from lanky sativas to short, fat, sugarcovered buds. All seeds are going to be different.

    But like I said, out of those three packs, nothing looked like the bud the reviewer is showing

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  5. igrowthatstuff says:

    i am currently on my second and third grow of PPP from Nirvana Seeds. The first harvest was a good one. The plants look very indica like when they young, once they are grown up they look sativa like but with nice big fat dense bud structures. I swear even the leaves are fat and round when it is vegging and as it gets older the leaves thin out. It smells fruity to me in the flowering room, almost citrus y, slight smell of cheese or skunk aroma when you put a bud right up to your nose. But with the door closed you can barely smell it. For me the high is very though provoking, if you smoke alot of it you get the couch lock feeling of a indica though. Just my two cents, like i said i have 1 harvest under my belt and about to harvest another and i got 9 more vegging so i know a bit about this strain.

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  6. manea says:

    the PPP …is a INDICA……with SATIVA GENETICS…’s give’s a stone feling and a cerebral at the same time …. ;)

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  7. mike coker says:

    I’ve done three crops of ppp and this ain’t it and I got my gens from a true breeder so ya its all wrong and its 22% strong. Its top shelf if its real and takes 13 weeks to flower.

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  8. Tom says:

    ummm, he doesn’t have a clue about PPP. It is NOT an Indica strain at all! It is Sativa all the way. Very cerebral, social high.Smell is a deep sweet citus that I would love to bury my face in!

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  9. properlike says:

    I’ve grown PPP….that is not Pure Power…the strain I grew from Nirvana….was completely white and covered in trichs…large dense long colas….and a soaring sativa high from just a couple rips from a bowl….almost overpowering….a couple bong rips and yes you wouldn’t be able to move…

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    Shwagbag Reply:

    Yeah I agree, either its a poorly cultivated PPP or its not PPP. Obviously poorly trimmed. PPP is very dank and great for active medicating. Finishes fast and is still my all time fav smoke because its just strong enough but allows me to stay active while medicated.

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  10. marijuanatipster says:

    im going to agree. doesn’t look like pure power plant. reviewer states its an indica dominant, but looks very sativa like in the photos. nothing close photo wise to PPP. keep up the reviews though. this is the problem with prohibition.

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  11. budsmoker3oh3 says:

    Once again this is not Pure power plant in fact doesn’t resemble it in the slightest bit. This looks like Island Sweet Skunk in fact i just picked up a bad of ISS and its looks identical to this so called power plant except for that it is trimmed 1000x better. Michigan cmon you cant be calling this powerplant when its ISS or Golden Goat.

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