Strain Type | Indica, OG Kush

Pure OG Kush

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Strain Name: OG Kush

Grade: A++

Type: indica

Looks: light green mixed with frost, some orange hairs

Smell: super danky, with one gram it has the whole room smellin good lol.

Taste: good smoke taste, is some flavour i cant explain

Effects: Highest ive ever been in my life off 3 super bong hits ans 2 fat blunts between 3 ppl and i was GONE. after you start to fall of that highnes you might get the mean munchies lol

Potency: super potent, smoked at around 3pm and it was 7pm and i was still trippin lol.

Reviewed by: datdominican1844

Good Strain For: if you want to get the highest you ever been, stress, relaxation , minor body pains

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4 Responses to “Pure OG Kush”

  1. smokytheclown says:

    strand? you mean strain… kush is a strain..

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  2. seelye-ho says:


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  3. Ze Chroniq says:

    That looks a little shwaggy to me.. Like it’s some O-D O.G. or something. Sure it was still pretty good but it definitely does no justice to the true awesomeness that is OGK!

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  4. Volcanobis says:

    Very good information. Thanks for sharing.

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