Strain Type | Indica, OG Kush

Pure OG Kush

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Strain Name: OG Kush

Grade: A++

Type: indica

Looks: light green mixed with frost, some orange hairs

Smell: super danky, with one gram it has the whole room smellin good lol.

Taste: good smoke taste, is some flavour i cant explain

Effects: Highest ive ever been in my life off 3 super bong hits ans 2 fat blunts between 3 ppl and i was GONE. after you start to fall of that highnes you might get the mean munchies lol

Potency: super potent, smoked at around 3pm and it was 7pm and i was still trippin lol.

Reviewed by: datdominican1844

Good Strain For: if you want to get the highest you ever been, stress, relaxation , minor body pains

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11 Responses to “Pure OG Kush”

  1. To begin with, I have to say that O.G Kush is my favorite strand ever! I would like to note that the taste and smell of this strand are often mixed up for some reason. So to clarify: The TASTE of bud is more of a fruity, light taste, sometimes mixed with a more earthy sub-taste. The SMELL of the bud is very earthy, while still smelling sweet. Now as to the hairs, you can find O.G with many different kinds and colors of hair, but the one that seems t oappear most these days is orange or yellow, though I have seen some really wacky versions of O.G Kush with some pretty funky colors. So there you have it: O.G Kush explained!

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    Volcanobis Reply:

    Very good information. Thanks for sharing.

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    smokytheclown Reply:

    strand? you mean strain… kush is a strain..

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  2. Robin Salmansohn says:

    I have been researching marijuana in epilepsy for 15 years. I had found in information on the net, as well as information about THC based meds on the market today. THC triggers seizures. According to Marijuana University, for the treatment of epilepsy it may be eaten, and need not be smoked. From my own use, THC may become a problem. You need only a small dose of marijunna to treat seizures. Exceeding this therapeutic dose is not wanted. THC will cause you to smoke more than you need. If you are using MJ to stop seizures, and you get wasted every day (that is what had happend to me), you forget that you want to stop siezures, and get on with your life, and instead get wasted (I was using good weed). The THC began to trigger seizures – I took more MJ to stop them, and it only got worse (except I didn’t care). Eventually I stopped because I got bored of being stoned. Many people who use/will use MedMJ don’t want to be stoned (one lady is a mother of 3 small children. She has MS. She does not to be high, just a mom. She needs MedMJ because it is the only drug that works).

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  3. Ze Chroniq says:

    That looks a little shwaggy to me.. Like it’s some O-D O.G. or something. Sure it was still pretty good but it definitely does no justice to the true awesomeness that is OGK!

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  4. Quinn805cali says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  5. seelye-ho says:


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  6. ash says:

    why is he a jackass? It does look like shit. I mean it may smoke alright, we’re just saying it looks like crap when compared to good OG KUSH>

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  7. blade says:

    does any one realy know what there talking about? every strain has conflicting revews,one says a strain is a indica,the next guy says its sitiva the next says its a highbreed,W.T.F..this is every strain i look up.

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  8. Ze Chroniq says:

    @blade- there will always be opinions, but its up to you to be able to decipher those from actual legit info. personally, I base my statements on strain knowledge and personal experience with the nug. one of the defining problems of this site however is that the names of these strains on here are oftentimes innaccurate at best or completely false at worst. i’d say a good 3rd of the strains listed on there could be filed under “misnamed/madeup/repeat”.

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  9. Saxor says:

    Og Kush…one of the top and true legend in the world of Medical Cannabis

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