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Pure Kush

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Pure Kush

Strain Name: Pure Kush

Grade: A

Type: Indica dom, Hybrid b85/15. One of the
Strongest kushes I have used. Tested at 25.2% thc, 1.03% CBD

Looks: dark green tight christmas tree nuggs
With dark orange pistols and lots of sticky trichromes

Smell: deep master kush like. Piney forest,with a oak,and earth lingering overtones

Taste: intense oak throat burning kush,with a lot
Of lung expantion,lets you know what your in for

Effects: very
Vivid and deep body stone. Slight euphoric mind high
And a little energetic and creativity,but this is a strain for relaxing,pain relief and stress,a little goes a long way

Potency: 95/100 highly recommended for a hard hitting Indy that
Will be sure to bring out the kid in you!

Reviewed by: InGrowingWeTrust

Good Strain For: any pain related problems,sleep,depression and anxiety

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6 Responses to “Pure Kush”

  1. Seeds? says:

    Is their a seller of these seed, cuz I wanna grow this strain. I have M.S. and it REALLY HELPS:)

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  2. Lynch says:

    I got a 5 pack from attitude seed bank about a month ago, I think it was like $40.00. Green House Seeds is the breeder though. Hope this helps man – (

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  3. Marinez says:

    ndoor hydro meds Super silver haze, $1200 HP ,Full Units $2000 donation. It is a great sativa has a sweet smell. Blue dream $1200 HP, Full Units $2000 donation. Its a hybrd thats more sativa also has a good nose. both are great day time use meds. all meds are pest & disease free. have your REC ready text or call 805-330-1522

    See menu for strains.
    Green Crack,
    Purple kush,
    GDP,Sour D,
    White W,
    Blueberry yum yum ,
    OG Kush,
    blue dream . Grow indoor .

    Donation of medical marijuana in accordance in California Safety Code
    Section 11362.5(B)(1)(A) & 11362.7(H) Prop 215 and S.B 420 only* By contacting me, you are
    acknowledging the following:
    I am an American resident age 18 or older cuz i ship within u.s only .
    I am not a law enforcement officer, nor a postal inspector, or operating under an assumed name or in cooperation with any criminal investigation; nor am I seeking out evidence which may serve as the basis for any of violating federal,
    state, or local laws. I will not use the medication provided for any non-medicinal purposes.
    Anyone who uses the provided medication for any purposes what so ever, will be assuming their own liability, and are responsible for their own actions.
    Any donations requested are only compensation for time, nutrients,electricity costs and other factors involved in the process of producing and delivering medical grade AA++ marijuana and not toward the sale or purchase of the medicine.

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  4. danny says:

    Variety marijuana strains,weed and other

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    we are top supplier of many types of weed

    strains and kush



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    Master Kush
    Master Kush X Northern Light
    OG Kush
    Purple Kush
    Purple Haze
    strawberry kush
    Super Skunk
    Super Silver Haze
    White Widow(3.53 oz)
    White Widow Feminized

    And many others not mention on the list.
    Contact us for more details through this or


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  5. Paskal. says:

    We got all types of Top shelf Grade A++ strains available and ready for sale.We are in San Diego CA and we do same day and overnight shipping via out the USA and we ALSO have got records for shipping to Europe.some of the strains include..
    White WIDOW
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    blueberry yUM YUM

    Just to name a few.Know that we give best prices for all first if u are interested text us or call directly for more information.
    Text us via 323-739.7126


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    cjett Reply:

    Do you guys ship with in the united states? I guess I didn’t understand that.

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