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Pure Gold

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pure gold

Strain Name: Pure Gold

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid – Indica Dominant

Looks: Bright light green with light orange hairs. Reminds me of a orange yarn blanket the way the orange hairs are so densely populating every square inch of the buds. Lots of crystals. Looks like cinnamon when it’s ground up due to the massive amounts of thick orange hairs. IMO this stuff looks better than it actually tastes and smells.

Smell: Rotten meat and skunk with a dash of lemons. When it’s ground up it almost smells like the cheap little round smoke bombs that are popular around 4th of July. The smell is present when the jar is cracked, and comes out more when it is ground up. It’s not super stinky and not stealth. I’m not really a fan of this type of smell.

Taste: Does not have a distinct flavor. Slight tastes of lemon, vanilla, wood, and an aftertaste of skunk. Smooth thick vapor. Would have rated this strain higher if it was tastier.

Effects: Night time use. This strain leans more to the indica side of it’s genetics. After the first hit you can feel the eyes drooping down low. Couchlock, ripped, dazed, and relaxed feelings. Worked well for increasing appetite, anxiety, insomnia.

Potency: Medium

Reviewed By: Volcanobis


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2 Responses to “Pure Gold”

  1. Aaron Michaels says:

    I have a similar story involving my stepmother who at first swore by Pure Gold, but now it’s not helping at all, and in fact her pain has worsened. I’m not sure how or why this product has changed but it is unreliable and is a total betrayal to the consumer.

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  2. Y Mimura says:

    My wife has been a loyal user of Pure Gold for about 15 months now. She’s suffering from extreme pain caused by Cipro 3 years ago. After all kinds of doctors failed to come up with any treatment or even an actual diagnosis, she found your product. It worked wonder for her in the beginning. She was able to cope with her pain without any pain medication. She felt that Pure Gold was actually curing her body. She told everybody about it every chance she got. However, Pure Gold stopped working recently. Instead it gave her sweats and diarrhea. I don’t know what happened to Pure Gold, but I can only conclude that somehow your product has been compromised. Now she has nothing to rely on to help her, which make her feel betrayed by you. After we spent tens of thousands of dollars on your product faithfully, It is probably just to say that you did betray her.

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